Valentine’s Day Animations.


Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14th each year. Candies, flowers, and presents, are shared among loved ones on this day. Valentine’s Day is celebrated all around the world in honor of St. Valentine. But who is this enigmatic saint? And where did these legends originate?

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Valentine’s Day history.

The historical roots of Valentine’s Day is unknown. Also the legend surrounding its patron saint is unknown. We do know that February has always been associated with love and affection. Also Valentine’s Day, as we know it today, combines Christian and ancient Roman traditions.

St Valentine is a Catholic priest who lived in Rome in the third century. He is the patron saint of Valentine’s Day. St Valentine is the subject of several stories, which have evolved into the mythology we know of today.

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Numerous Romans were turning to Christianity at the period of Valentine’s birth. But Emperor Claudius II, a pagan, enacted stringent regulations restricting what Christians could do. Claudius speculated that Roman soldiers should indeed be entirely dedicated to Rome. Thus he established a decree prohibiting their marriage.

St Valentine arranged secret Christian rituals to marry these warriors. Somehow this cemented his status as an individual in the importance of love. Valentine’s crimes against Claudius were eventually discovered and he got imprisoned. Valentine helped his fellow inmates as well as his jailor’s blind daughter while incarcerated.

According to mythology, Valentine restored the girl’s sight. He also wrote her a love message inscribed ‘from your Valentine’.

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How to celebrate with loved ones during this pandemic period.

It’s critical to show your spouse how precious they are to you. This helps in maintaining the “passion” in both new and old relationships throughout Covid-19. In this pandemic moment, here are some ideas for celebrating Valentine’s Day.

  • Gifts.

Think about sending exquisite pastries, a gift box of your partner’s favorite items, a framed favorite photo, or a piece of jewelry if receiving presents is their love language.

  • Quality Time.

Consider anything related to a planned romantic dinner for partners that values quality time. This includes living room camping, open-air wine tasting, or at-home massage.

  • Acts of Service.

Consider making (or going to pick up) your partner’s favorite meal. Or even purchasing something which will make their life easier.

  • Physical Touch.

Consider gifts like a bath set, relaxing candles, or massage basics that enable you and your lover to be intimate on Valentine’s Day.

  • Words of Affirmation.

Purchase cards or post-it notes to show your admiration for your partner during valentine. You can also compose positive affirmations or traits you like about them to tuck into some other presents. Or even create a new diary with a love poem to add to each and every year.

Vidalgo Lottie animations will help you express your emotions and feelings in a simple gift. A basic DIY stop-motion on cardboard can also be appealing. It also would make an awesome short video for a proposal. Enjoy!

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