Top 5 Motion Graphics Trends for 2022


Needless to say, that motion graphics and animations have become powerful assets in today’s creative world. Online marketing, creative advertising, crypto art, all of these industries claim them. So, you need to be one step ahead with the best motion graphic trends and features for 2022.

Motion titles, smooth transitions, opening templates and effects are just a few of the tricks you need to have up your sleeve next year. It’s going to be one creative new year.

So, let’s dive right in!

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Mixed Media is like digital collage mixing illustrations, animations, photos and all sorts of digital footage. The result is a stunningly visual assembly of eclectic visual influences that work together beautifully. You can tell a story or convey a powerful message through the use of mixed media.

motion graphics trends_mixed media

A common type of mixed media employs the mixing of black and white images with colourful animations and textures. The result is a striking visual that you can’t easily forget.

2. Liquid Motion

In Liquid Motion graphics, organic shapes flow as if they’re liquid. They morph into different forms to create a mesmerizing effect. They give movement and action a “je ne sais quoi” that draws the viewer in.

In general, liquid motion emphasizes a specific type of action, where the story stands in the very transformation and movement of the main characters. Nevertheless, it can also be used for fun. For example, you can use liquid motion in dance videos to highlight the dancer’s moves.

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There’s something in the disruption and twisting of a digital noise that makes some quiver with anticipation and surprise.

Glitches enable video creators to produce all sorts of errors and mishaps. As a result, you get a sort of DIY aesthetic that pays tribute to analogue and hand-drawn illustrations.

Moreover, the glitch has always been about those little imperfections that can arise from computing errors. The flickers and blurs of a long-gone era when people were mesmerized by the power of the TV.

Therefore, we’re still hypnotized by glitches, and we also feel that freedom urge to break the rulebook sometimes, right? So, use flickering statics, grains, grit and grunge in your creations. People still love them. Nevertheless, don’t overdo it!

These motion graphic trends were originally used in technical drawing. However, motion designers have picked up on this trend. It helps introduce that 3D feel into any 2D animation.

“Isometric” comes from the Greek word meaning “equal measure”. Historically, an isometric grid displays mathematically accurate renderings of objects where every dimension aligns to the same scale of projection.

Isometric shapes can be playful, with a certain kind of personality, adding extra depth and perspective to your motion graphics. Therefore, consider isometric shapes for your future animations. They’re part of the top motion graphics trends of 2022.

Besides, you can find plenty of libraries containing isometric icons for your inspiration in 2022.

5. Grain Effects and Texture

Different grains and textures add a sense of character and personality to any digital art piece. This is why they’re still part of the motion graphics trends for 2022.

Grain effects and motions

Grain effects are a sort of design noise that combines symmetrical shapes and squiggles with some mixed media into a moving montage. Therefore, it makes everything dynamic, exhilarating and fun.

Moreover, grain effects and textures bring on a kind of retro feeling to your animations. Therefore, with just the right image and grain effects, you can create motion graphics with a timeless sense of hand-print, risograph-inspired mood.

That’s all, folks! This does it for the motion graphics trends you’ll surely see next year. Are your creative senses tingling already?

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