The Animated Infographic: Information That Moves


In a world where attention spans are diminishing quicker than you can say, “Thank you, next!” animated infographics can be a fantastic way to encourage someone to focus all that precious attention on your message. 

With the rise of GIF sharing on social media and micro-video platforms like TikTok, videos and animations are gaining traction in the areas of advertising, branding, and production. You can harness that power by incorporating short animations into your web and app design, and yes–even your infographics.

What Are Infographics?

Infographics are a visually appealing way to both consolidate information and get your point across. They’re perfect for sharing bite-sized chunks of information with an. With information at our fingertips, infographics provide a way to give readers the most accessible takeaway possible. Infographics make info bite-sized. And they do it with eye-catching artwork. Infographics do everything from illustrating stats using graphs and diagrams to mapping important details and establishing timelines with flowcharts.

They’re also pretty fun to look at. In fact, an infographic incorporates design primarily based on how we think about the information presented. They literally show what people think. For example, a good design will enhance the information being synthesized. Stories will have a visual flow. Comparisons show side-by-side information. Think of them like the study version of a textbook from school. Because the way they convey information is considerably more memorable than long-form writing content, they’re a great choice for creative communication.

Looking for Animated Infographic Design Ideas?

You can find inspiration and learn something new every day at Daily Infographic and Statista. Have a laugh at these chuckle-worthy infographics about designers.  Creativity requires an open mind. Let yourself enjoy the work of creators you admire and you’ll soon be on your way to creating works that strike even yourself. 

Once the creative juices are flowing, you can take a stab at creating your own static infographics from scratch using PowerPoint, Keynote, or Google Slides. Using simple software to start can really help you feel accomplished quickly. And a key of great creative thinking is feeling results fast! You can also whip up an infographic using attractive, customizable templates from Canva, or by taking advantage of a free trial of Adobe Spark. If you’re using Adobe Spark, it has the added benefit of including animated elements in their infographic design repertoire.  

Want to use a gorgeous template without the labor of design? Meet the Vidalgo platform. Vidalgo may just be the best platform available for your animated infographic needs. While it’s run by AI, Vidalgo’s software incorporates creations from actual artists who have already done the work of design. From there, select one of the artists’ templates that makes the most sense for your project and simply plug in the information you need. Just like other services, at this point, the infographic is now yours. The added benefit from Vidalgo is that their artists continue to create the animated content that serves you best. When you can take the design element off your to-do list, creating an animated infographic becomes easy.

Let’s Get Your Infographic Moving!

So, your infographic game is on point, but now you want to know how to make an animation. Once you have those animation skills, you’ll be making animated infographics in no time. And you don’t have to be a coding whiz to make your own!

In fact, the same tools mentioned above that you can use to create static infographics can be used to create animated infographics. If you don’t have a Microsoft subscription, or an Apple device with Keynote, Google Slides is web-based and free. While these are a great start, the limitation here is that you won’t have the artistic design elements you would get from a service like Vidalgo. 

Additional options include graphics software that work with layers. You can create animations with layers in Photoshop by using the frame-animation feature and toggling layers on and off. Then you’ll need to export as a GIF in order to keep that motion. Don’t have an Adobe subscription? If your budget is limited, GIMP is free and has a lot of the same features as Photoshop, including frame animation. The drawback there is that the program isn’t very user friendly, requiring a hefty amount of research to enjoy its tools. 

When you learn how to make an animation, it will make it that much easier to create the animated infographics you or your business will need to succeed. If you do have an Adobe subscription, and enjoy working with After Effects, it’s time to meet Lottie.

Who’s Lottie?

They’ve only been around since 2015 when Airbnb designers launched their open-source animations library, but Lotties have become immensely popular with web developers and designers. Today, you can find them in virtually all corners of the digital world.

Chances are, you’ve seen these charming animations on some of your favorite websites and mobile apps; DuoLingo, Headspace, and DisneyNow just to name a few. If you haven’t heard of these before, they’re bite-sized short animations that work on multiple platforms and take up a fraction of the space of PNGs or GIFs. Lotties are also scalable, which means you can resize them without making them all pixelated And even more, their dainty file size means you can integrate animation into your web and app design without fearing that it would take forever to load on your visitor’s device.

Lotties can be created in your graphic design software of choice, or directly in Adobe After Effects and then exported as a JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) file using the open-source Bodymovin plugin.

These delightful graphics can easily make your infographic POP! Suddenly your information becomes even more engaging. In an animated infographic the information can tell a dynamic story.

You can find a little more Lottie backstory here.

How to Make an Animated Infographic… the EASY Way

If you have a dazzling creative vision and a stellar message to share with the masses, but perhaps not the technical know-how to make animated infographics, it’s time to meet Vidalgo. Vidalgo’s AI-powered animation customization tool takes the guesswork out of creating eye-catching short animations. Peruse an extensive library of Lotties crafted by a lively community of designers. In addition, you can personalize it with the user-friendly editor. The result? High-quality, stunning animation in minutes.

Already a pro animator? Showcase your Lottie creations as a Vidalgo designer to grow your brand. In addition to growing your portfolio, you can even earn a passive income by selling your artwork as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) through Vidalgo’s marketplace!

While an animated infographic is an innovative way to connect your content with your audience, there are skills to learn. With the skills above, you’re ready to jump in and start getting inspired.  Remember to just keep creating and you’ll be on your way to success in no time. You can do this. You don’t have to be a pro. Just go for it!

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