Animation in Marketing: How to Get Seen in Today’s Market


It’s no surprise that digital design and marketing go together hand and hand.  But now, more than ever, we’re also seeing that animation in marketing is on the rise.  Audiences no longer want to simply see their business in still imagery, they want to truly feel immersed in a company and their story.  So if you’re wondering how to use graphic design to sell things, and you haven’t upgraded to an animated logo, here’s your guide to get animation working for your business.

If you’re just getting started with animation, playing with your logo is a great place to begin.  Odds are you already have a logo for your business. Since it’s small, simple, and already in place, it’s perfect for you to begin conceptualizing animation. 

Animation at its core is simply digital movement.  Think to yourself, how does my logo move?  If there’s a stripe, a circle, or even an arrow, you already have part of your answer. Take those elements and make them dynamic.  When you’ve conceptualized your strategy, piece out your logo into moveable and unmovable parts. Animate parts, not the whole, so that your logo still feels recognizable. There are lots of programs available for animation that make the experience user friendly. Check out Canva or Adobe Spark for some other accessible services to help you along the way.

When you’re done, publish away! Consider making your new animated logo your profile image on social media platforms or a part of your engaging web presence. By strategically using your new animated logo, you’ll be gently starting the journey of integrating animation in marketing.

Make a Website that Engages

While high quality web design is important, more modern websites include the extra creative touch of animation. This isn’t the design of yesteryear. In the early ages of the internet, excessive animations slowed down websites beyond usability.  Because of this, for quite some time, websites pivoted towards more static content. 

The times are changing though and animations are making a comeback! Short animations with near gif-like brevity are an engaging way to interact with your audience.  In fact, most website design templates now come standard with a basic set of animations. 

Play around with gentle shifts in your web content first. Animations in marketing can be subtle and still be effective.  A simple breathy sweep of images can stir an emotional reaction, or a series of vivid shots can excite a potential client. Think of what your ideal customer is looking for in their experience on your website and move forward from there.

Animate an Infographic

Infographics combine two great features of all marketing content- information and graphics. By combining these, you’re more likely to reach a customer. Customers are looking for information and they’re looking to understand it quickly.  Infographics allow them to quickly learn in an engaging way. 

Now how can you step this up further? Animate your infographics. This extra touch will help make the information that much easier to synthesize for your consumers. Consider animating the ways in which your concepts are related. Infographics are most successful in showing relationships between different content- emphasize those relationships with moving lines or other creative strategies.

Illustrate your Services

When you’re ready to step up your skills at using animation in marketing, it’ll be time to start using them to truly illustrate your services.  Read through your service offerings and think, “How can I show my audience what I actually do?” Sure stock photography is great, but think of the larger impact you could have on your potential customers if you could animate what they’ll actually be receiving from you. 

To do these higher end animations, consider using a specialty animation software like Vidalgo. Vidalgo works to make animation accessible to anyone- even if you’re just starting out.  With a tool as good as Vidalgo, you’ll be able to not just tell your customers how you can work for them, but also show them just what you’re capable of.

Break Down What You’re Selling

Of course, if you’re in business, you may not just be selling services. Your business may be one that produces goods that consumers can purchase. Animation in marketing can also mean breaking these down visually for your customers.  Through animation, you can show how your products are made. Through high quality digital design and marketing with animation, your customers can truly understand what they’re purchasing before they order. 

What’s the value of that? Well customers appreciate knowing all the specs of their future purchases, and they like knowing that information quickly.  Through a short animation, you’ll be able to show them the ins and outs of their future purchase and gain their respect through information. And while you certainly could just write all the information out on your product descriptions, animation would allow them to see this visually and truly understand how your product is composed.

Tell a Story

When you’re ready for the final frontier of animation in marketing, you’re ready to tell stories. High quality brands tell stories for their customers. It might be your company’s origin story, or it could be a story of how your product or service works to make the world better.  By reaching out to customers and telling them your brand story, you’ll be creating customer loyalty. Your future customers want to trust you before they purchase from you, and a quick animation is a great way to share more about your company.

If you’re stumped on how to tell a story, just remember the conventional form of narrative.  You’ll need a beginning, middle, and an end. And you’ll need a central conflict that either you, your brand, or your customer is overcoming. By engaging them in a story AND using animation, you’ll be sure to catch your customer’s attention.

Just try!

Regardless of how you decide to move forward with animation in marketing, simply having the confidence to try something out will help.  With software like Vidalgo, you are more in control of the content you’re putting out there than ever before. You’ll be able to slowly add to your animation skills and help your business in the process.  You don’t need to be an expert, you just need the courage to try something new.

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