7 Best Lottie Marketplaces To Help With Your Projects


The Internet has brought the world closer, and sharing information has become extremely easy in this day and age. Today, there are numerous methods that let you share information, from videos to text and infographics to images. One such method is the use of animations which gives lets you provide information in a highly expressive manner.

Animations are extremely effective as they tend to be visually appealing and grasp their audiences’ attention. You can communicate the information using them in a way that keeps the users engaged. Furthermore, the message behind animations is usually easy to understand, thus providing higher retention rates. Since they have moving graphics, animation files can take up a large amount of space, slowing down the websites’ loading speeds as a result. Moreover, they tend to lose their quality if their size/dimensions are changed. So, how can you use animations to enhance your contents’ likeability without getting any negative effects? The answer to this is Lottie Files!

Why Lottie Files?

Lottie files are an animation format that provides the benefit of low space utilization because they are vector-based. And due to that, they can also be scaled up/down without losing any quality whatsoever since they don’t comprise pixels.

Lottie files are an extremely beneficial way to display animations. But where do you get them? Or if you know how to make Lottie animations, how to sell them?

Here is a list of the best Lottie files market places where you can find numerous collections of Lottie animations!

Best MarketPlaces for Lottie Files

These marketplaces not only offer a platform to sell and purchase Lottie files but tons of features as well!


Vidalgo - an upcoming tool

Vidalgo is a new growing marketplace for Lottie files. With a community where you can share your masterpiece designs and see what other creative artists and designers around the globe are creating, Vidalgo will provide you with an amazing platform to showcase your work in front of other Lottie file creators and users who are there to purchase them!

Not only that, Vidalgo is one of the first platforms that provide you with the opportunity to earn from your Lottie designs through the selling of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). It is a new way of trade in the digital world. The popularity of NFTs is growing quite fast, and with platforms like Vidalgo, you can use your creative ideas and designs to get yourself some investment!

Furthermore, you also get numerous different features. From editing your own Lottie files in their Lottie editor to selecting another artist’s file from their Lottie library and customizing it to meet your requirements, you can use this platform to enhance your own designs as well as use your creativity to modify someone else’s!

Click on the animation to view it in Vidalgo Viewer


Creattie - a Lottie library and marketplace that offers custom designs

Creattie is another Lottie marketplace that provides you access to a large library of Lottie files. Also, it provides an option of ordering custom designs so your demands are perfectly met. With a team of professionals working to provide your specified Lottie animation, you can get any design you need. This allows you to get access to unique Lottie animation designs, coming entirely from your imagination and creativity.

Apart from that, Creattie provides you with Lottie illustrations along with numerous animated icons to choose from. And if you want to go ahead and try some Lottie files before spending some bucks on them, Creattie has a free collection as well. With over 40 different categories to choose from, you can easily pick out the right one that you need.

If you are not looking for animations, you can get static icons and illustrations as well.


Drawer - an emerging Lottie marketplace

Like Creattie, Drawer also offers paid and free Lottie animation files. With Drawer, you get access to many different Lottie file packs filled with various Lottie illustrations and icons. Using these packs is extremely useful when you want to stick to a theme. This is because all the animations inside a particular pack have a similar appearance.

Drawer offers animations in file formats compatible with After Effects, which makes it easier for you to edit them. As of now, this marketplace doesn’t have a huge number of resources as compared to some others on the list, but with streamlined animation packs, you still get extremely creative bundles for your requirements.

And if you want to view any Lottie file that you have created or modified to see how it looks in real-time, Drawer has a Lottie viewer where you can do so without any registration or sign-ups.


Lottiefiles - a popular place for Lottie animations

LottieFiles has an extremely large library for Lottie animations, both paid and free. With so many Lottie files to choose from, you are likely to find exactly what you are looking for. And you can even make some alterations, such as changing the colours, directly from their website, just like Vidalgo.

Even if you cannot find a design or illustration that completely fits your requirements, you can hire animators from this platform to get the custom Lottie animation built with all the elements and colours you are looking for!

If you are someone who designs and makes Lottie animations, LottieFiles is an excellent Lottie marketplace that lets you earn through selling them on their platform. This website has other helpful resources, such as courses for learning how to make Lottie animations and tools, including a code generator to create a web code for seamless running of Lottie animations.

Iconscout is another site by Lottiefiles where you have access to more than 4 million design resources.


Homepage of Lordicon

If you are looking for only animated icons, another Lottie marketplace ‘Lordicon’ has a library of more than 5000 of them. With both free and paid icons at your disposal, you can download any of your required icons from numerous available.

And you don’t have to go and purchase each of the icons you like individually, as Lordicon provides you with a subscription for their Pro package for only $96/year (translates to $8 a month). With the Pro package, you get access to all the resources present on their site, and you have unlimited downloads. This way, you can use any of the icons available to your need at any time without any hassle.

Lordicon also allows you to edit a few properties of the icons, such as their colours and width, directly on their site. Once satisfied with the edits, you can easily download the icons in several file formats, including JSON, GIF, PNG, and WEBP.


Marketplace for Lottiefiles- icons8

Icons8 provides access to over 900,000 free icons, and there are numerous paid as well. With so many icons available at your disposal, you can easily use them to make your content and animations much more attractive. Icons8 has various packages for each of the different resources available on the marketplace. These resources include illustrations, design tools, pictures, and music apart from the icons.

If you are looking for free resources, the free plan at Icons8 lets you download the required items but in fewer file formats, and you will be needed to attribute to them wherever you will be using their resources.

They also have an AI section where they have some tools, such as background remover, that you can use as well if required.


Lottie flow -A lottie marketplace

Lottieflow is a Lottie marketplace that guarantees the smooth and seamless working of Lottie files on Webflow websites. The best part about this platform is that it is free to use, but the resources available are not very complex. Almost all of the Lottie files available on Lottieflow use black and white colours only with quite simple designs.

They also have a playlist of video tutorials to guide you through the process of Lottie files integration with Webflow sites. And they aim to make Lottie animations’ addition even easier for users with no prior knowledge of After Effects.

Which Lottie Marketplace to go with?

All of the above-mentioned Lottie marketplaces have their own benefits. Some provide you with the opportunity to not only purchase other artists’ Lottie animations but also sell your own to make some buck, while some grant you access to a large number of Lottie icons for free or let you order custom Lottie animation designs tailored for your brand’s theme. You can’t go wrong with either of them.

You just need to make sure that whichever marketplace you use to purchase your resources, you utilize them in a way that is attractive to the users, the colour palette is aesthetic and appealing, and the message you want them to deliver is aligned with the choice of icons and illustrations. Lottie files have numerous advantages, and using them can prove to be highly beneficial for you. So, go through the marketplaces to pick out the one best fitted to your needs!

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