Infographics Trends and Animated Infographics in 2022


With the rise of social media usage, visual content is becoming more and more popular than mere texts. From informational videos to sending memes to your friends and family, visual content is what people love nowadays. A popular type of visual content is infographics- packed with information, made to be attractive to the audience. Want to know which infographics to choose for your content? Keep reading because, in this post, we will tell you about the different infographics trends of 2022!

But before we dive into the trends, let’s discuss what infographics are:

What are Infographics?

Infographics are an aesthetic and attractive combination of text and visual elements that portray the required information, for instance, charts, animated figures, geometrical shapes, etc.

Here is an example of an infographic that shows multiple layers of a sandwich and the place each ingredient comes from. You can see that they have shown a mouth-watering illustration of making a sandwich, which any food lover would be interested in!

A sandwich infographic -Infographics trends
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Now that you know what infographics are, let’s discuss different infographics trends for 2022:

There are numerous different trends that content producers follow when creating infographics, depending on their data/information type. Here are the best ones

Data Visualization:

If you have content with numbers and statistics, data visualization (charts and tables) is the best way to go.

Whether you want to show the population growth rate of a place over the years or the percentage increase in the sales of a certain product, data visualizing techniques can easily grasp your audiences’ attention. They can not only display a large data set attractively, but the information displayed is also quite easy to read and understand.

Some of the main elements used in such infographics are:

  • Charts (Pie charts, line charts, flow charts)
  • Graphs (a bar graph, histograms)
  • Tables
  • Timeline

With these elements, the data doesn’t seem too complex for the audience. And due to its attractive colours and visual design, users are automatically attracted to it. This way, users can grasp the concepts without perusing long documents filled with statistics and numbers.

Here’s an example of a pie chart infographic showing the market share of different brands.

Data visualization
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Inclusive Illustration Infographics:

The inclusive illustration infographics use different characters and visual objects to present the basic idea of the infographics. With simple and attractive characters and icons used, this type of infographic appeal to a wide variety of audience because of its subtle yet interesting design. That is why it is one of the popular infographics trends of 2022.

From step-by-step procedure guidance to representing the characteristics of individuals from a certain region, the possibilities are endless.

Below you can see inclusive illustration infographics showing the expected traits from a modern-day man:

Inclusive infographic which is a popular trend of 2022
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Modular Infographics:

If a certain piece of visual content has too much text bundled up in one place, the users may not be very interested in it. Therefore, such infographics lack visual appeal. With the modular design of infographics, users can add large chunks of text content without a clatter. When needed, this text can be viewed as an individual piece of infographics that otherwise will be in a pack with other modular units of the parent infographics.

This way, the users who need to access more information from a certain portion of the infographics can do so. However, the first impression of the infographics remains aesthetically appealing to others. Secondly, people can get the complete picture easily as these infographics have large pieces of content hidden inside. Moreover, this design increases engagement with the content as well.

3D and Isometric Infographics:

Unlike two-dimensional designs with very little depth, 3D infographics can prove much more attractive. With their realistic geometries and immersive appearances, 3D infographics are the way to go in today’s day and age.

Moreover, isometric designs make the designs feel symmetrical and with more realistic depth. 3D infographics combined with the isometric element are highly engaging as they keep the audience immersed in their creative atmosphere.

These infographics are especially popular for representing maps and similar things. Maps with 3D and isometric infographics provide the users with a true sense of depth.

You can see a similar example below. There is a 3D and isometric infographic of a farm with different areas labelled. With such infographics, the users can easily visualise lands and places which can help them grasp the information better.

3D and isometric infographic
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Interactive Infographics:

Similar to modular infographics, interactive ones can contain a wide array of information with the control at the users’ end. As a result, users can choose how much they want to view at a single time. Modular infographics can be considered as a part of interactive infographics, but the latter has a wider range of possibilities.

Telling a story to your audience, or taking them through the detailed working of your company has never been easier. Just provide them with an interactive visual tour through interactive infographics!

They will keep your audience engaged by allowing them to explore a bunch of content without overwhelming them with information. That is because these infographics take you through the content at your own pace. Furthermore, these infographics can reduce the bounce rate of your website and have a positive impact on its SEO.

In the example below, you can simply hover the mouse at certain locations of the shown infographics to see more information regarding the product. What is more, is that you can directly order the product from a store if you like the product!

Example of an interactive infographic - a popular infographics trend of 2022

Cartoon-Style Infographics:

Somewhat similar to the inclusive illustration infographics, cartoon-style infographics use different cartoonish figures to show the information. These figures give out a very friendly vibe and attract users to the information or product they represent. Furthermore, these infographics tend to be memorable and are usually used with vibrant colours to make these pop out from the rest of the information.

Here is a cartoon-style infographic showing various symptoms of allergy:

Animated Infographics – Add all of them together!

Just as the name suggests, animated infographics are infographics with active animations. You can use any popular trend or other infographics type. Simply animate them to get your animated infographics. This way, whether you need the modularity of module infographics or the realistic depth of 3D and isometric infographics, you can use any infographics you like according to their benefit.

That’s not all! Animated infographics have numerous benefits due to the various animated (or moving) elements it has:

Improved Storytelling:

In this day and age, where social media platforms like TikTok are gaining popularity due to their short content that can provide a good amount of information within people’s attention span, animated infographics are the way to go! With the extra immersion they provide and the ability to lead the audience through the entire content without letting them get bored, animated infographics can raise the bar of storytelling and information sharing and make you stand out from the rest of the competition.

Even more attractive!

Infographics are more attractive than simple text content, and animated infographics take that to an even higher level. Moving icons, shapes, characters, and sometimes even text, enhances their visual appeal, and hence, the audience is more likely to view them.

Enhanced engagement:

With users more likely to have their attention fixated on animated infographics due to the extra level of immersion they provide, users’ engagement with your content will increase. Not only that, from the SEO perspective, with higher retention times of the audience at your website, the bounce rate is bound to decrease. And, if your animated infographics are well-made, more users are likely to link to them, providing your website with a backlink profile automatically made, which in turn will improve its rankings on search engines, such as Google.

Infographics are a fun way to communicate the required information to your audience without making them lose their attention. The possibilities for their designs are endless, and it only requires your creativity as to how well you can muster these data and content in them. Whether you decide to go with the simple data visualization elements to display some statistics or create complete animated infographics with interactive elements to keep the users engaged for a longer period, the content displayed will also depict whether or not the audience will decide to stay on it.

Therefore, high-quality and attractive content and icons and figures in infographics can be a game-changer if used correctly, which is why they are some of the most popular infographics trends!

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