An Overview of the 5 Best Animation Tools for Non-Experts


Animation is the art of creating motion in objects and making them look full of life. In the recent years, the art of animation has progressed rapidly with the progress of technology. Today, it is very much in demand along with being popular. Animation has found its applications in several different domains, including entertainment, marketing, and business. The immense increase in the use of animation in different fields and for various purposes has made developers create different software and tools to ease animators’ work. Resultantly, they can create better and more intricate animations.

5 Best Animation Tools for Non-Experts

Since there are so many options available online, you can easily get confused. That is why we are listing the 5 best animation tools for non-experts to ease up their work:

1. Animaker

Animaker is one of the best animation tools available online. It is entirely web-based and requires only a web browser along with an internet connection. Launched in 2014 by RS Raghavan, it allows its users to create animation videos using the characters and templates that are already built in the software, making animation easy.

Animaker became the first tool in 2017 to allow the creation of animated vertical videos, making it one of its kind. It also allows the creation of 2D and 2.5D animation videos. One of the best features of Animaker is its collection of animation templates, which is the largest available in any software or tool. It allows free use along with different pricing plans that hones to everyone’s needs, like pricing plans for personal, enterprise, business, and startup use.

With Animaker, users can create tons of different types of animation videos like infographics, handcrafted, 2D, 2.5D, typography, whiteboards, along with vertical and horizontal layouts. An excellent feature of Animaker is its capacity to support HD video creation. This software allows its users to make infographics with almost 1000 icons, 3000 maps, and 100 charts. It also has unique audio features like background music, sound effects, text to speech, and voice recording. You can also add subtitles to your movies and import your own customized sounds to work with.

You can also enjoy advanced features like the multimove, camera in and out along curves, and record along with various transition and enters/exit effects, enabling non-experts to give a professional touch to their videos

best animation tools: Animaker homepage

2. Moovly

Moovly is an online animation tool, developed by Brendon Grunewald and Geert Coppens. As it is completely cloud-based, users do not need to download it. With only an internet connection and a browser, users can begin animating using Moovly.

Moovly comes in the field of animation with a mission to make animation easy, affordable, and simple for everyone, and with a vision to become the most engaging and customizable platform and software for any kind of content creation. It allows free content creation to non-experts, along with offering customizable packages for enterprises and education.

Even the free version of Moovly opens a whole new door for the non-expert content creators, allowing them to push their limits and set aside their fears. It allows multiple types of content creation like animation videos for advertising, education, presentations, etc.

Furthermore, Moovly has a wide variety of available templates for images, videos, and audio files, which can help non-experts to a great extent. Beginners can choose from one million different videos, templates, audios, music, illustrations, and sound effect, allowing them to be freely creative in animation creation without putting in much effort and time. It also has easy-to-use options, making it one of the best animation tools available online, like a drag and drop interface along with options to upload, download and share your content.

best animation tools: Moovly homepage

3. Wideo

Wideo is another cloud-based tool for video creation that does not require downloading. It was first launched in 2012, by Agus Esperon and Agu De Marco. The platform was developed by people who were themselves looking for an efficient and cost-effective video-making platform and, in the end, decided to make one themselves.

The Wideo software aims to put its users and their convenience first and wants to save their time by offering user-friendly and time-saving features to help in video creation. Wideo offers a free trial of seven days and then offers different offers for basic and pro-level creators. However, the packages are cost-efficient and budget-friendly.

Wideo is customer-friendly and does not require any specific experience and skills to use. For non-experts, wideo has also made special lectures available for beginners regarding video creation that can not only help them but also make this experience fun and convenient. Like Animaker, it also allows the creation of HD videos and supports HD content. It has a collection of templates like scene templates that can be used for different types of videos. Moreover, a library of graphic assets can also be found in Wideo. The length and storage allowed by this tool depend upon the price you pay and the package you have. It also has different music tracks and allows video uploading on platforms like youtube.

best animation tools: Wideo homepage

4. Blender

Blender is computer software. However, it is completely free and open-source and was first launched in 1994. Blender allows animation creation in Linux, Android, Haiku, OpenBSD, Net BSD, Windows, and macOS systems. It uses programming languages like Python, C++, and C. and has a size of 144-188 MiB that varies for each operating system.

This animation tool has contributors from all around the world. It is extremely easy to use and allows animations for various purposes, like video games, models, renders, and even 3D-based projects. This allows the creation of interactive animations and virtual reality-based graphics that both non-experts and professionals can use. Furthermore, it has a tracer engine built in it, which allows real-time preview of the viewport, GPU and CPU rendering, VR rendering support, and PBR shaders. Advanced actions are present, such as rigging, modelling, and sculpting. There are other features as well, like animation and UV tools. It allows special features to give a professional touch to animations, including layers, stroke and fill colours, onion skinning, and sculpt brush strokes. You can also convert your 2D drawings into 3D models to make them look more realistic.

 Even though it is not web-based, blender allows powerful visual effects, like camera reconstruction, to impress the viewers. This animation tool allows auto and manual tracking and lets you preview your tracked footage in real-time.

best animation tools: Blender homepage

5. Vyond

Vyond is an American animation tool, founded by Alving hung in 2007. It allows people with any skill level to create professional-level videos of multiple types and purposes. Vyond is one of the best animation tools available online that allows making videos, such as whiteboard and explainer videos. It has a free trial for anyone who wants to give it a try, ensuring that their money isn’t wasted.

 Apart from the free trial, Vyond has different price packages for different kinds of animators. You can choose from personal, business, and enterprise packages according to your budget and type of work. This animation tool serves best for non-experts due to the presence of a complete collection of characters that users can customize accordingly, along with automatic lip-syncing. It has many features and options that allow even non-experts to make engaging videos efficiently. There are many easy-to-use options and tools, like drag and drop. Vyond also allows importing of MP4s and images and has an amazing camera option that allows zooming, and have different camera angles.

One of the major pros of Vyond is that it lets people collaborate, which means that it allows teamwork for non-experts, creating a better environment for learning from each other. Vyond claims to follow the standards of information security, meaning that they care about your privacy. Therefore, It makes sure that your work remains safe and no one can steal it from you.

 Vyond homepage

Are You Ready to Use the Best Animation Tools for Non-Experts!

There are many animation tools and software available online. The best animation tools are not only easy to use but also have several built-in features. You should try various tools before choosing what suits best for your needs. Every software has its own pros and cons and may not suit the convenience and requirements of every user.

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