St Patrick’s Day Animations.


Most of the largest St Patrick’s Day celebrations and activities will return in 2022. Prepare to dust off those green outfits which have been getting dusty in your wardrobe.

Use Vidalgo Lottie free animation to celebrate this year’s Irish festival and embrace the luck of the Irish. You can scroll down, click, download or share.

St Patrick’s Day.

St Patrick’s Day is also known as the Feast of St Patrick. It is an annual religious and cultural holiday celebrated on March 17th. It commemorates the reputed death date of St Patrick, Ireland’s prominent patron saint. With parades, unique dishes, music, dance, drinking, and lots of greens, the event has evolved into a festival of Irish culture.

Who is St Patrick?

St Patrick was an Irish Christian missionary. He is a Bishop in the 5th century who was Romano-British. During the fourth century, he was born into a prominent Romano-British family in Roman Britain. In the Christian church, his father served as a deacon, and his grandpa as a priest.

By sixteen years of age St Patrick was captured by Irish invaders. He was sold into slavery in Gaelic Ireland. Thus, St Patrick worked as a shepherd for six years in that area. He encountered God during that period. Eventually he escaped and went to Ireland. There he was renowned for converting the Irish to Christianity.

History of St Patrick’s Day.

During the early seventeenth century, St Patrick’s Day was declared a Christian feast day. The Catholics, the Anglican Church, the Eastern Orthodox Church, and the Lutheran Church all commemorate this day. Although St Patrick and the introduction of Christianity in Ireland are both celebrated on this day. It also honors the Irish people’s culture and traditions as a whole.

Outdoor parades and festivities, céilis, and the adorning of green clothing or shamrocks are all common symbols of Irish celebrations. Church services are also attended by Christians. Traditionally, for the day, the Lenten constraints on eating and consuming alcohol are waived. This however, has aided and abetted the festive tradition of consuming alcoholic drinks.

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Symbols of Saint Patrick’s Day.

The shamrock is the most popular St Patrick’s Day symbol. The shamrock is a cloverleaf that represents the Holy Trinity. The Republic of Ireland flag is frequently featured in St Patrick’s Day parades all around the world. Also many people prefer to adorn green on this day. At St Patrick’s Day gatherings, Irish-themed drinks are prominent.

Snakes, serpents, and the Celtic cross are all religious symbols. According to legend, St Patrick also combined the Christian cross with the Sun, a significant Irish symbol, to create the Celtic cross.

Meanwhile, some other Irish symbols featured on St Patrick’s Day include the harp. This has been used in Ireland for generations. Also, a mythical creature identified as the leprechaun. And lastly a pot of gold that the leprechaun keeps hidden is a symbol as well.

When is the celebration in 2022?

St Patrick’s Day has always been celebrated on March 17th, which this year falls on a Thursday.

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Traditions of Saint Patrick’s Day.

The following are some of the most popular St Patrick’s Day traditions:

  • Parades.

This occasion is frequently linked to the holiday season. Boston, Savannah, and other cities around the world are among the cities that host big parades.

  • Drinking.

Although individuals are compelled to stay away from alcohol throughout Lent. During St Patrick’s Day celebrations, however, they are permitted to break their fast. This is one of the reasons for the day’s association with excessive alcohol consumption.

  • Green beer or dyed water.

On St Patrick’s Day, Chicago’s river is dyed green. Also many pubs serve green-colored beer.

  • Religious services.

A feast is held by those who celebrate the event in a religious setting. However, overindulgence outside of this setting usually revolves around alcohol.

  • Planting peas.

Many people in the Northeast plant peas to commemorate St Patrick’s Day. This is primarily due to the color and season (ideal pea planting circumstances).

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