Small but nice token of appreciation to family and friends during Christmas


Nobody deserves a token of appreciation during the holidays more than our friends and families who have supported us throughout the year.

Are you weary of just choosing names for the annual Christmas gift exchange and appreciation? Or you would like to give your yearly gift exchange, whether it’s for a family picnic or a workplace Christmas dinner, a unique, innovative twist of life.

Gifts are merely a little expression to let them know you’re thinking about them. You don’t even have to spend a lot of money to remind your loved ones that you care. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never done Secret Santa before or if you’ve done it already. 

We have compiled a list of inventive and casual gift exchange ideas to spice up your Christmas appreciation and gift-giving, no matter what your needs or circumstances are. 

Five Small but nice token of appreciation to family and friends during Christmas. 

Tote bag. 

The first item on the list is a sweet Christmas gift for mothers. Although economical, a tote bag is ideal for running errands with the infant while out and about. It’s crafted of 100% cotton, has a great vintage-inspired design, and folds easily when not being used. A tote bag is also a fantastic choice of Christmas gifts for a pregnant relative or friend.

Digital picture frame. 

In a society where family photographs are no longer taken, printed, or even kept. A new iteration of a digital photo frame that allows far-flung members of the family to upload photos to it is a simple but wonderful present of appreciation for family and friends. This gift has a lot of heart if you’re looking for high-tech Christmas presents for families and friends.

A Luxe Journal. 

Writing can be therapeutic, but it can also aid in the organization of one’s life and career. Before mailing a diary to your friend and loved ones, write a heartfelt message on the very first page. It may sound old-fashioned, but it’s a wonderful gesture to demonstrate that you’re thinking about them.


Flowers have a lot of power, so don’t undervalue them. Whether you send a bouquet of homegrown flowers or maybe something cheaper, this is a tiny act of generosity that they will remember.

A small virtual token of appreciation is always welcomed if you just wish to send a “happy holidays” greeting to your friend or colleague. Even a physical present can be accompanied with a cool greeting card.

Animated Greeting cards.

Letter writing and greeting card creation have fallen out of favor, but Christmas is the time to bring them back. Taking a few minutes to create or write a greeting card or appreciation letter to family and friends is a heartfelt gesture. 

Creating an animated  greeting card is not a small feat – that is why we at have provided you with a set of nice holiday animations to share with your loved ones.

Click on an animation to export it and share with your loved ones

What can I do with those cards?

  1. Just play and enjoy the animation 
  2. Share with you friends and family on social media 
  1. Download as a media file (or copy the link) and share it directly with your friends

But how to make animated greeting cards myself?

Great question… We at Vidalgo are working hard to provide you with the means to customize and create your own greeting cards. Pls. support us by subscribing to our newsletter so that we can provide you with Vidalgo Composer – a state-of-the-art animation editor.

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