How to Sell Your NFTs


So you want to sell your NFTs!  That’s awesome.  Odds are you’ve already done your research on what an NFT is and you’ve decided to break into the field. There’s still a few steps between you and your new found metaverse millions.  Read on to figure out how you can successfully market and sell your NFTs.

Drop Strategy to Sell Your NFTs

First things first, don’t do anything.  Minting on an NFT market may sound like the logical first step, but you’ll miss a crucial step in the process if you jump that far ahead.  Your NFT needs a story and some hype BEFORE it ever gets minted and released. 

A story? For a piece of digital art? Yes, a story.  The thing about NFT’s is that it’s very clear that anyone can make them these days.  And that means you need to do a bit extra to step out from the pack and get noticed. While your art is uniquely yours, there’s more than just the visual that’s needed to help create some mystique and excitement.  You need to craft a narrative to create the hype for your potential.

Craft an NFT Narrative

A narrative is simply the fancy marketing way of making your seemingly abstract concept of art into something that’s understood by others.  Just like any conventional story, you’ll be making some key components:

  • Main character- is it your NFT? Your purchaser? Something more omniscient?  Pick who the protagonist is and begin to think what their motivations are.
  • Setting- Sure you may be selling on OpenSea rarible, but your NFT exists in a narrative beyond that.  Maybe it’s got a home in a certain nook of the metaverse? Maybe it’s got something to say about the world we’re living in now?  Decide when and where your NFT makes the most sense.
  • Conflict- Part of the reason why marketers are obsessed with narratives is because they have a thrill of humanity. That thrill of having a problem needing solving makes for an engaging plot point.  There simply isn’t a story without some sort of conflict.  How does your NFT address an issue in the world?

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Simply put, if you’re struggling to do this with your NFT, rethink your art.  People aren’t in the NFT market for art, they’re in the market for stories. You need to show some ingenuity and a spark of your human spirit to connect with anyone in the competitive NFT marketplace.

Content Marketing to Sell Your NFTs

Once you have some key components of your NFT’s narrative, start working to share more about that story with your following.  Of course this goes a lot easier if you already have a following for your art prior to your NFT development. If that isn’t the case, it’s not too late to start, but it will take some work on your part to create some buzz around your work.

The best approach is one where you work in multiple formats to share that narrative you’ve already crafted.  Social media marketing is a diverse field for a reason.  Typically people have a preferred social media source. By working on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and Facebook, you can engage multiple audiences. 

Another strategy that should be important is building your own portfolio and identity online.  By frequently blogging about your narrative or your creation, you’ll engage a prospective audience.  If you’re already familiar with digital art, the website creation bit may come with ease.  If you need help with content writing or with search engine optimization, it’s worth it to invest in a team that can help you out.  By strategically engaging certain metrics to your website, you’ll get it seen by more people.

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You as an artist are just as important as the art you’re creating. Once you have a consistent following, you’re ready for the next step before jumping into the NFT market.

Email Marketing to sell Your NFTs

Through your content marketing, you’re going to want to collect email addresses.  A simple call to action like, “Be the first to learn about my NFT drops!” is a great way of creating a community around your art. Email marketing may seem a bit old school, but it’s actually still very effective.  Using a service like mailchimp, create an email list and send out weekly emails about your NFT progress.  Share your story vulnerably as much as you can. 

When you’re ready for your big drop, this email marketing hype will help you get sold.  These are folks you’ve cultivated who already show some buy-in to your work, it makes sense that they’d be some of your most interested purchasers. The best way to be a success in the NFT market is to create the market around your NFT art.

Connect with the NFT Crowd

Just like anything, there’s a crowd of folks out there passionate about creating, selling, and buying NFTs. Part of being successful at anything is simply putting yourself in the place where you can find success.  That means surrounding yourself with these like-minded folks.

Many NFT focused groups are found on Twitter or Discord.  Find a community like this and start interacting with them regularly.  Read up on what they send out, ask good questions, and share your thoughts.  Do what the greats do.  If they blog about something, consider blogging about a similar topic to engage in a greater dialogue.  If their social media is having success with a certain strategy, use that strategy too.

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The great news is that many who are already interested in the NFT space are open and accepting people.  If you’re interested in decentralized anything, odds are you’re also cheering on the little guy.  You can even find communities that may resonate specifically with you. There’s NFT communities out there just for anything from women to gamers.

Press Release Time

When you’re finally ready to release your artistic baby out into the world of the NFT market, use a press release to continue the hype. A well-drafted press release will help everyone know when launch day is, and continue the hype.  Treat your own artwork like the treasure it is.  It may feel uncomfortable hyping yourself up this much, but the ones who do, get sold.  Your NFT art is deserving of attention and a press release will help you get sold.

Keep Creating

The other key to your NFT success? Just keep creating.  With tools like Vidalgo, creating has never been easier.  Your vision is that much closer to reality when you use effective tools to put your vision in the world.  Spend more time working on the vision you want to share with the world, and less time trying to make complicated tools work for you.  With Vidalgo, you’ll be sharing your NFT creations in no time.

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