See The Story: The Art of the Visual Story


If you’re trying to get seen in today’s market, it’s absolutely imperative that you show your story visually. It’s no surprise that video content is on the rise. And what better way to share a story than to do so visually.  If this is your first foray into making animation content, let’s guide you along with some essential tips to craft that narrative. 

1. Know your audience

Where is your animation content going?

Just like any art, knowing where it is going is important.  A mural artist knows where they’re painting their mural and they know who frequents the area.  A filmmaker knows who they want packing the theater seats.  You too need to know who is going to check out your animation content. 

Make animation content for YOUR people. 

Some audiences value professionalism above all else. If you’re working in the business world, you’ll want to make sure your animation content is as professional as the goods and services you’re selling. In the world of digital marketing, clean lines and crisp, clear transitions rule the scene. While you still want to write a story with your animation, it may be wise here to think of doing so as efficiently as possible.

You may also be interested in reaching a more creative audience.  Your viewers may be interested in seeing more dynamic and interesting animation that really pulls them into the narrative. These are certainly where you can truly play with different ideas and styles in your video content. A creative audience can see and value other’s creative work. 

You might even be interested in NFT’s. The market for NFT’s is growing quickly and is as diverse as humanity. Whoever your people are, targeting them won’t leave you empty-handed.

2. Make Some Characters

Just like me, or you. 

In many instances, the characters you craft with your animation content should relate to the audience you’re sharing your story with.  As humans, we love to see ourselves in the media we consume.  If a character dresses like me, talks like me, or shares the same opinions as me, I’m more likely to empathize with the story. 

Let them help you build the story using animations.

Craft some characters in your animation content with intention.  Ask yourself questions like: What are they like? What would they say in a certain situation?  How would they react to this? And keep asking those questions throughout your content.  When you’re truly in the head of your characters, they’ll start helping craft your story with you. 

Be intentional with character design.

When you’re ready to sit down with your animation video maker software, spend some time crafting a visual that represents all these essential elements of your character.  From how they dress to their face shape, you have a lot of exciting choices in front of you.  The more intentional you can be with these choices, the more relatable your characters will end up being in the long run.  Working with an animation video maker software like Vidalgo that has some templates or ideas can also help you when you begin to craft the characters that will write your story with you. 

3. Tell a story using animations

Conflict comes first. 

The central part of every story is a conflict. So think of a central conflict for your new characters to overcome through their journey.  You may choose to have them in conflict with one another or even with themselves. A story simply isn’t a story if the characters have no problems. 

Once you have your central conflict, start plotting out key scenes you’ll want in your animation content.  How does your character get themselves into the conflict? What will it look like when your character finally faces their demons?  When you’re ready to put some of your awesome ideas into action, try a storyboard first. 

Try out a Storyboard.

Storyboarding has been around since the birth of modern film and animation content. Sketching out important scenes is how we make sure those scenes make sense together.  This isn’t the time to spend hours drawing or finessing, it’s merely a vehicle to put your ideas in a linear format. Even if the animation video maker software you choose has a storyboard feature, like Vidalgo, it still may be wise to sketch it out on paper first.  It’s important you feel confident when approaching the narrative before you begin. 

4. Make the ending last

Happy ending?

It doesn’t need to be a happy ending necessarily, but at the very least you want your audience to feel like they’ve completed the story. Quality animation content doesn’t just give the audience an ending, they also give them something to take with them. 

Themes matter. 

Consider integrating a theme in your narrative.  We all know that themes are what help stories stay with us.  Think of your least favorite cinematic experience.  Odds are what stayed with you outside of the theater wasn’t the special effects or the humor or even the relatable characters.  The parts of stories that stay with us and that we make part of our lives are the themes.  

Whether you’re wanting your audience to remember a product’s brand name or sharing a silly skit, a theme is what will make them want to share your animation content with their friends.  Your theme can be anything from “Love conquers all” to “Global warming is a looming threat”.  You’re in charge of what you want people to carry with them from your animation video content. 

5. Don’t take your job lightly. 

Get the help you need. 

If you’re stuck, that’s ok.  There’s great software out there to help you bring your amazing ideas to reality right here at Vidalgo.  Our quality animation video maker can help you bring your dreams into reality.  No one needs to craft a story alone anymore.  With the right tools, you may even find yourself more inspired.  Artists need brushes, and someone who works with animation content needs a quality platform to continually inspire them to create. 

Your story matters. 

At the end of the day, know that what story you want to share with the world is important.  The characters, conflicts, and themes that you have to deliver in your animation content are valuable. Don’t give up on something that you need to share with the world.  Your voice matters, your story matters. 

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