Ring in the New Year with Vidalgo Animations


To celebrate the New Year with Vidalgo, it’s time to lean into new ideas, goals and traditions. Getting content out for your business can be challenging with so much going on for the holidays. We recommend creating an engaging post for the holiday through animated Lottie files. These re-sizable, flexible animations carry a lot of the work for blog and social media posts through visual engagement. And the best part? They’re easy to create with Vidalgo’s ai-based tool.

So, what’s a Lottie?

Lottie’s are a recent innovation pioneered by Airbnb of all people. Lottie files are remarkable due to their incredibly small file size (this ensures quick load times) and their ability to scale up or down in size without losing image quality.

So, what does this mean for you? It means that the social media post, the blog post, and the email marketing campaign can all be taken care of with a single animated graphic. And Vidalgo.ai has created an application to make the process of creating them incredibly accessible, even for those who’ve never used them before.

Now, Let’s Make it a Happy New Year with Vidalgo!

Click on the animation to view and share

There are loads of free-to-use Lottie files out there created by artists that you can take advantage of when it comes time to send out New Year’s messages. So, when you’re looking around, here are a couple of things to keep in mind.

  • Keep your visual branding in mind: you’ll find lots of options for New Year with Vidalgo animations, so sort through to find one that still matches your aesthetic
  • Consider how your brand would engage with the Holiday

Once you find the perfect animation for you, just copy, and paste the URL!

Here are some New Year Vidalgo Animations We Picked Out for You

Here’s a simplistic typography that you could use to celebrate the New Year with Vidalgo animations.  Kinetic typography is a great option for the New Year’s simply because there are so many fun ways to play with numbers.  In this one, notice the lovely colors.  What a subtle way to share your love with your clients and customers for the upcoming year ahead.

Click on the animation to view and share

On the other hand, sometimes not including the year is a great idea too.  Evergreen content, content you want your audience to interact with year after year, is best without the date.  This way it always feels relevant.  Check out this joyful New Year with vidalgo Lottie for a way to share joy without necessarily cornering yourself into a certain point of time.

Click on the animation to view and share

Because of to Covid-19 we spent a lot of time indoors bundled up with the family – it wasn’t easy but it did create a kind-of bond. Let’s hope that Covid-19 disappears bit the family bond remains. Share the animations with your family and loved ones.

Click on the animation to view and share

Sometimes less is more, and that’s certainly the case for this beautiful typography.  Simple designs sometimes are the ones that work the best for a variety of applications.  This particular size works great for Instagram and Facebook too.  Don’t forget to share your New Year’s excitement on social media as well!

Happy New Year with Vidalgo!

As we roll onto the New Years, we’d be remiss not to mention it ourselves.  All of us here at Vidalgo want to wish you a very Happy New Year with Vidalgo and a lovely year ahead.

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