Personal Branding with Digital Animations


Personal branding is key to how you stand out online. Whether you’re a blogger, content creator, or influencer, the way people identify and resonate with your brand is important. Your online presence plays a large part in your marketing strategy. Key channels that can be used to help define your personal brand include:

  • Email
  • Social media
  • Portfolio website

By integrating digital art with your brand voice, you create lasting impressions with your content.  Adding themed art to different marketing channels is a major component of having strong personal branding online and animation can level up your content overall.

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What is Personal Branding?

Personal branding is the combination of what you stand for and what you do online. It is the recognized impression that people leave with when they engage with your content. A strong brand is unified over multiple channels and can be broken down into three things:

  • Voice
  • Visuals
  • Impact

Your brand voice is the story that resonates and connects with your audience. It includes how you communicate over email, in social blurbs, and in blogs. Visuals and all things graphic design that help your brand to stand out are ultimately part of your brand voice. This includes even the minutiae of the colors and digital animations on your media channels. Your impact is what you give to your audience. The combined effect of your personal branding and content that supports it creates a community ready for engagement.

Together, these make up your personal brand. One way to strengthen your brand identity is to use email marketing. By adding email animation, your personal branding becomes cohesive and authentic.

Vidalgo personal branding -Click to get the animation

Using Email to Strengthen Your Personal Branding 

Email marketing is a great way to stay connected with your audience. It provides a direct line to your customers and can be used to show off your brand’s voice and personality. Including digital art in your emails adds to visual branding and helps your content be more individualistic.

One way to do this is with email animation.  Animations are a creative way to create visual emphasis with your content. They can also be used to spruce up your digital portfolio, or in blog headings to grab the attention of readers.

Lottie Animations

Vidalgo supports lottie animations. We have a vast library of artwork ready to be added to your content. Lottie animations can be used with a variety of media channels but in email, they need to be converted to a .gif  file first.

Lottie animations grow in popularity daily. With new artists and users being added to the site, an easily customizable creative space is available to you through Vidalgo.

But don’t just take our word for it, try Lottie animations out for yourself! They are a great option to customize emails for your lists.

There are several places you can include animation in emails, each with a different effect on the viewer. An animation in the header is quick to grab attention. Attention is a key factor in the click-through rate of your mailing list, so a bold animation there is the way to go. You can also put them in the body of your emails. A graphic mid-email helps to separate ideas for your readers. It will keep them hooked and add entertainment to the mix. Lastly, Lottie animations do well as a close or signature. You can use a specific design, or create one yourself so that your readers feel like they are speaking directly with you online.

Integrating visual branding into your content builds trust with your audience. It is a way to nurture authentic connections by showcasing the uniqueness of your voice through personal branding.

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A New Kind of Marketing

Branding is the foundation of any solid marketing strategy. In recent years, influencer marketing has been on the rise, dominating popular sites like Instagram and Facebook.  Influencer marketing is social media-based content creation that is supported by product endorsements.

If you’re an influencer, animation can be a way to set yourself apart online. They can be added to social media posts to increase the watch time of your content, and overall engagement.

Even simple graphics like these help to define creators’ voices online by helping their audience associate them with specific designs and art styles. They are able to enhance written content by giving consumers something extra to engage with that is unique to the brand. Interactive animations are an excellent way to guide readers’ attention to different parts of your site.

As influencer marketing becomes more mainstream, “human” branding is replacing professional branding in many digital spaces. That is not to say that professional branding isn’t important–it is, but the way it’s done is more fluid than ever.  It is now used as an artistic way to sync different elements of your brand identity. By using art as a medium for this connection we can help to create more authentic spaces online.

Using Custom Animation on Your Website for personal branding

The impact of using custom animations and personal branding together is twofold: you are better able to stand out online, and more likely to maintain the attention of your viewers. Not to mention, Lottie animations are a cool way to add a visual pleasure factor to otherwise wordy content.

This is especially useful for websites and online portfolios. As an artist, you can use Lottie animations to showcase your skill and unique art styles. As a creator or influencer, adding animations to your portfolio can offer viewers more ways to interact and experience your website.

Custom animation can be used as a tool for your brand voice and help to sync visual identity with virtual identity. Social media trends are quickly catching on to new ways to stand out online, and animation is one of them. Having strong personal branding creates visibility opportunities for bloggers, content creators, and influencers and digital art is key in supporting that process.

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Feeling Inspired? We are too!

The use of animation in design grows daily, and we’re excited to be a part of it. With Vidalgo, creating Lottie animations is easy and designed to be accessible to everyone. They provide an interactive way to get eyes on your content and strengthen your brand voice online.  Get started using custom animations by signing up with Vidalgo today.

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