NFT Marketing: Do’s and Don’ts


Although the NFT marketing is new, there are already some strategies that are bringing artists and marketers to the front of the pack. NFT marketing isn’t all that different from any other kind of marketing with a few key exceptions to target the already thriving community around the NFT marketplace.

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Do: Lead with your inspiration

Just like with any other marketing, storytelling is what will set your NFTs apart from the masses. With the rise of AI content creation and the widespread accessibility of tools for creating digital art, anyone can create art, and anyone can create a lot of it, quickly. So, when it comes to NFT marketing, standing apart from the crowd is absolutely imperative if you want your art to be seen and your crypto wallet to grow.

Storytelling marketing has become an absolute staple among the biggest players in business AND it’s what creates the most movement for companies breaking into the spotlight. There’s something innately human about storytelling. It’s the part that we can connect with personally that compels us to want more. It’s why we keep coming back to the brands we know and love.

For NFT’s in the marketplace, it looks like sharing the inspiration that led you to creating the NFT, or a story you create around your NFT. It means centering your marketing strategy around that story and telling it over and over.

The folks who are leading the way when it comes to the NFT marketplace live in the gamer’s world. There’s a real community that’s already vast and growing and it lives on platforms like these. You may find yourself to be white noise when you first join in these spaces, but it’s saturated because this is where the marketplace lives. Take your time getting to know artists, buyers, and everyone in between. If you commit and dedicate your energy here, you’ll find exclusive discord servers and interested buyers that are out there.

Discord even has a list available of all their top NFT servers you can browse through to find places to connect and promote your NFTs. This may be an emerging marketplace, but it’s already thriving and there are some really concrete ways to plug in. Join a server! Throw out a meme! Bonus points for you if you also tell your story through it!

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Do: Use Giveaways to Boost Your Visibility

Generosity is another leading marketing strategy that translates well into the NFT marketplace. When you’re starting out with NFT marketing, it’s not time to create the scarcity of “One Time Only” sales. No one knows you yet, so start with generosity instead. Make a giveaway for the first release of your collection. And then promote that giveaway with incessant tweets and posts in every community you can find your way into. You’ll gain the respect of the community and build real value for your brand as you go!

Don’t: Underestimate the Value of SEO

SEO might have started to please the google gods, but it’s now an absolute necessity for excelling in any algorithm. Leaning into SEO has the added bonus that it creates a vocabulary for fans to tell your story for you. By generating a list of keywords and hashtags for your NFT collections and even for an artist as a whole, you’ll create an identity that the marketplace can connect with and promote.

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Do: Connect with Crypto and NFT Influencers

Simply put, there are leaders in the NFT marketplace informing and influencing the crypto world and the NFT marketplace at large. So just like the world of business, if you want to win, you need to connect with the winners and learn from them. If you strategically use places like Twitter and Discord, you may even be able to find your very own mentor.

The truth is the whole marketplace is emerging.  There is no single “right way” to do anything just yet, and we need to keep the communication channels open between ourselves and the people having the sort of success we want in this space.  Get to know people on a personal level.  Sure, it’s not a big networking event in a hotel lobby, but it’s still networking.  We learn best from one another, and you deserve the support of not doing this alone.

Don’t: Use Google Ads to Promote

While advertising can bring awareness to your NFT collection, investing in Google Ads will lead nowhere. Google ads specifically prohibit ads that promote any kind of crypto product. So, despite their reach, this tool won’t be the one to use for NFT marketing. For advertising that embraces the crypto world and NFT marketplaces, check out this list:

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Do: Partner with Brands You Love

Big brands have big pocketbooks- and they’re always looking to connect with more creators to make bank.  If you have a track record of success in the NFT marketplace, it could be worth it to build your portfolio to a place where you can connect with businesses.  These businesses will have their own marketing channels that will help amplify your work.  They’ll be able to connect with a larger audience because odds are they’ve worked for years on curating their own sales funnels.

While you’ll want to be particular in the brands you work with- and keep your inner creative spirit in check- this way of “selling out” can actually empower you more in the NFT marketplace.  When the entire space is dominated by creative thinkers, there really isn’t any downside to having proven success with a large brand. 

Don’t: Stop Creating

At the end of the day, the only thing you’ll fail at is that which you stop committing to.  Far too many NFT artists expect instant billions without thinking about the importance of dedication to their creative craft. Many NFT artists don’t hit it big with their first couple mints.  It takes dedication, time, and a continued creative spirit to make it with NFT marketing.  Just look at the success of some who have minted large quantities of work in a large series format. As long as you keep working at it, keep creating new content, and keep looking to be inspired- you’ll be ok. 

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