Infographic Marketing: How does it work?


Build Your Audience With Infographic Marketing

Your business might be already ensconced in digital marketing. You have social media pages, post regularly, and feel like you have some decent engagement. At the same time, you can’t help but wonder if there’s more that you can do to drive traffic to your business and really set yourself apart from the competition. 

Infographic marketing is one of the most highly effective forms of media marketing as it combines the visual and informative. And there are tons of options for infographic software and infographic makers to help you along the way.

In this case, it’s really important to consider your audience and cater to what they want. In these times, people are inundated with information. What do they gravitate to? TwitteR- 40 words on topics/articles. Instagram- photo forward content. TikTok- 1 minute videos/ads to appeal to an audience. Infographic marketing provides a myriad of opportunities to draw in customers. 

Why?  If you consider the average consumer, are they likely to fully research a topic?

Meaning- do they look for articles and pour over information trying to suss out the information they want?

Not if they don’t have to. If someone is looking for information, they want fast, factual information. Infographics are a solid way of providing that to your consumer base.

Ok, what are infographics?

If you aren’t already familiar, “Infographics are graphic visual representations of information, data, or knowledge intended to present information quickly and clearly.” (wikipedia) There are three types of infographics that you can use in your digital marketing strategy:

data visualization, information design, and process infographics. Here are examples of how to use each type.

Visualizing Data

This is your chance to take relevant data from your business and highlight it for consumers in a way that is clear and concise. For example, if your business is in kitchen remodeling, you might mention how many projects you’ve completed, average satisfaction rate of customers, average length of the project, average pricing of kitchen remodels, etc.

Engage your audience through a generous “give” of easy-to-understand information. They’re looking for information and you already have it! You’ll create the generous relationship you want by providing what they want.

This is direct information that consumers want without having to dig for it. A business that uses infographic marketing is more likely to get more traffic than a business that doesn’t share this info openly.

Information Design

This type of infographic isn’t data specific. If you’re a type of business that doesn’t really thrive on data, this might be the route for you. For example, if you run a local coffee shop, you might create an infographic that displays interesting facts about iced coffee.

The options for customizing your information are really limitless here. No need for the complex data that a large company has to offer. You already have information that your customers are interested in. All it takes is some time and intention to give them something of value without breaking the bank for you either!

Stimulate the appetites of your customer with this type of information, and be ready for them to come pick up a beverage. Or shift that into a weekly blog with new stats each week on visitors who loved their beverages and hook yourself up with a template on an infographic maker. It doesn’t to be reinvented entirely each time.

Process Infographics:

These are a type of infographic that can visually represent steps in a process. Consider a dog training company.  Their infographic marketing would show some of the real concrete steps they use in dog training. It can be scary for businesses to share this kind of information online, especially in a competitive market, but giving your customers information like this shows your willingness to give.

Process infographics guide readers through a process that you’re already familiar. Don’t be afraid to share your information; if it gets out there, then great! That’s what we’re going for!

This helps the business position themselves as an authority on the topic, which creates interest from potential clients. Process infographics also work well with infographic software because each one made acts as a running template.

But what do they look like?

Let’s look at some examples that companies might use. Take a moment to pull up two tabs on your web browser: Google, and Google Images. Since we’re learning about infographics, let’s plug that term into both tabs. Looking at the Google page, you get lists of articles that talk about infographics. Viewing Google Images, you get straight to the point examples of what they can look like.

In fact, you get actual infographics that teach you about infographics. For instance, in the posted example of’s article, You Suck at Infographics, pay attention to  the “Infographic of Infographics”. They use the infographic as the visual aid in their article, and then break it down into other content of the piece. The graphic is clear and concise and presents information easily to the public.

The graphic below is an example of an animated infographic. Adding animation is one way to increase engagement. Checkout the animated infographic software from Vidalgo for an option

What can Infographic marketing do?

According to, “Tweets that feature a picture generate 150 percent more Retweets than those that stick to plain text. “ That is a significant amount of enhanced traffic that would benefit your business. Here’s the important thing though- the article stresses that the content has to be relevant and purposeful.

Simply using stock images or pictures, isn’t enough to stop the scroll when people are perusing socials. What will cause them to pause? An infographic that pertains directly to your business. If done right, infographics can do two really important things for your business:

Present yourself as an expert in your field

Based on the content you’re producing, you want to publish things that you know are directly connected and relevant to your business. For example, referring back to the dog training example, by presenting information on caring for pets- you’re setting yourself up to be an expert at what you do. If, as a consumer, I think you know what you’re talking about- I’m more likely to use your business.

Create and solidify your brand

Infographic marketing is a graphic way to show your company’s personality thereby drawing people to you.  Using the color scheme of your logo, incorporating a font that represents the type of business you have (creative vs. corporate), and a writer’s voice that shows who you are as a company can help present a cohesive look of your business. Keeping your content consistent and streamlined will continue to present in an expert way.

I’m in! Now how do I get started?

There are many tools online that can help you get started on creating infographics. From infographic software to online infographic makers. If you’re a do it yourself kind of person, you can check out a website like that has different templates, color schemes, and cool fonts to kick off your journey. 

If you’re looking for something more professional and really want to catch the gaze of new customers, consider using a software like ours at Vidalgo. We offer high quality animations and support to digitize your infographics.

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