How to use Lottie animations for new cooking blog ideas


Cooking blogs have been around on the Internet for years. So many different types of kitchens from all around the world. Various diets to fit your preferences. If you are foodie, you may for sure be looking for new cooking blog ideas to post.

Make your posts more attractive to your readers. For that, you can always take cute pics of your meals. However, you may want your blog to look professional and well-constructed.  Pictures can be challenging sometimes, it demands skills. You may have to invest into a better phone, find a place with good lighting all day long… Natural lighting may be unsuitable to photograph your meals. Anyway, on the paper it may look easy, in real life it is another deal.

How to create a unique identity for your foodie blog?

It can be demanding to always try and find new cooking blog ideas, as everything seems to have already been done. If you want to bring more readers to your blog, it is important that you bring a special something that they will not find anywhere else. It can be easier than you think by using Lottie animations. Indeed, they are easy to download to all your platforms. It can be on your blog, or your social medias, anywhere: Lotties work like a charm. Their big pro is the inexistant loading time. The moment you enter your blog, they are already loaded and ready for you readers to admire!

But how are Lotties supposed to help you with finding new cooking blog ideas?

Well, that is a good question, thank you for asking. I want to show you how Lottie animations can make your foodie blog so much easier to read! Let’s say you have a cooking blog for beginners, they have very little cooking skills and wait for YOU to teach them. First lesson, how to cook pasta?
Boil water and add salt to the pan, that means to wait for little bubbles to appear in the water.  Here you insert your first Lottie file, it can be an elaborated or a very minimalistic one. This is the moment you introduce your own identity and tastes, find inspiration on the Internet.

You see the bubbles? Dip the spaghettis in!
Insert another Lottie animations. Everything is so much easier with illustrations.

Check the time on the packaging, it can be 5 or 7 or even 15 minutes. And… wait.
Here, you can always insert a Lottie file with the clock indicating the time of cooking, very useful and visual!  Like these ones, but you can learn here how to create your own Lottie files and find new cooking blog ideas.

Yay, you did the hardest part! Now time to take the babies out of boiling water.
So, insert here a Lottie animation to illustrate how to drain the pastas. Find more examples of Lotties.

You can do this with many more recipes. Upgrade your blog to something fun and accessible to everyone. It will make your recipes look so much more visual, therefore easier to recreate at home.
Also, to you, Lottie animations are effortless to download and add to your blog and socials.
Lottie files are a very good alternative to static pictures.

You can edit and create your Lottie files on our editor, and bring a unique identity to your cooking blog. If you want to find the Lotties used on this article, just click on them!

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