How to Promote your Online Business with Vidalgo Animations?


To promote your online business, visual marketing needs to come in priority. Visual graphics can include a wide range of content and enables a clearer transfer of your message to the audience. It can help you attract the ideal customers or simply make your online business look overall more attractive. Eyes tend to process information way faster than any other sense.

Let’s take an example of how you can promote your online business with Lottie animations.

Why Lottie files for your online business?

Lottie files are the most effective graphic animations for online business marketing. They do not demand any loading time to appear and therefore can be admired right away. They are very easy to use, no need to be a talented designer to download them onto a website. Read more about Lottie files here.

To Start: Use Lottie files with Vidalgo for high quality animations

Now back to how you can promote your online business with quality animations. Let’s say you have a pizzeria business online. You want to make your website look highly visual for your customers. You want them to order from your pizza menu and find each step easily on your website. First, welcome your customers with a high-quality Lottie on your front page.

Then, indicate clearly where is the menu and what is on there. Put up a Lottie file of a juicy pizza with toppings. You can put them together in one Lottie file, or separately on different Lotties.  

Your customer chose their toppings? Now let them pick up drinks and insert a Lottie here. It is pretty easy to promote your online business and make it look more visually pleasing.

Now time to finalize the order, indicate the different payment options with Lotties. You can quickly find more design inspiration online.

Here, you can insert a Lottie that shows that the order is processing. Add waiting time and exact step in the preparation. So that your customer can find it easily on their smartphone when they open your website.

 When the pizza is on its way, just add a Lottie with a delivery man and you are done!

Click on the animation above to find even more Lotties. is a great editor that you can use to custom all your Lottie files. It allows brands to personify as they wish the Lotties to make them fit their identity.

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