How and Why You Should Use Email Animation in Your Marketing Strategy


Want to grow your animation business, and in need of ideas on how? Fortunately, there are many ways you can market yourself as an animator. From using social media and ad space, to networking and good old word-of-mouth, it never hurts to try a little bit of everything. But one of the most common marketing strategies for every kind of business is email marketing. It’s a method that has proven results, but your success with email marketing will depend on how you do it. This article will discuss why email marketing is so important for your animation business, why using email animation will make your strategy more effective, and how to knock your email campaign out of the park.

Why Email Marketing is a Good Move

Yes, you absolutely should use email marketing in your business strategy, and here’s the main reason why: it works. Just take a look at the following statistics revealed by a DMA Insights study:

           -59% of consumers say email influences their purchase decisions

           -58% check their email first thing in the morning

           -99% check their email everyday

            -10-60 minutes is the average time spent per week looking at email

But aside from having proven results, using email campaigns for marketing animation makes sense for many other reasons. It’s fast, it’s an easy way to reach a large volume of people at once, and it’s customizable. (Segmented campaigns have been known to increase revenue by as much as 760%, according to Hub Spot.) Not to mention, it’s incredibly inexpensive. Email campaigns offer an unmatched ROI – on average, businesses will see a 44:1 return, which translates to $44 in revenue for every $1 invested. How’s thatfor cost-effective?

Liven it Up: Using Email Animation in Your Marketing

Integrating email marketing into your business strategy is clearly the way to go, but it’s important to remember that how you conduct your campaigns will influence your overall success.

Imagine you go to your inbox and have two emails sitting there ready for your eager eyes.  One, a colorless, long-winded pitch with huge blocks of text, no moving images.  The other, a clean, simple design with a few promising phrases and attractive animated graphics. Odds are you’ll be slightly more engaged with one more than the other.

Truth be told, using email animation not only makes your message more engaging and eye-catching, it also sets you apart: most marketing emails don’t include animated images. (The ones that do are often repetitive or grainy, which can make them a bit of an eyesore.) So liven it up! Including email animations in your campaign provides a fantastic opportunity for you to showcase a direct sample of your product and brand.

Designing your Email Animations

There are many programs you can use to make marketing animations suitable for email, but probably the most popular is Adobe After Effects. If you’re looking for a simpler option, Vidalgo’s animation software is also available. Wherever you choose to design your email animations, you’ll want to put a lot of thought into what you want them to look like, how they’ll function, and what feeling or call to action you want them to inspire. So set aside some time to design something really creative and high-quality!

Lottie files in particular are picking up traction in marketing animation, due to their small file size and whimsical, smooth movement. You can check out some of these amazing Lotties for inspiration!

Building Your Email Animation Campaign

Once you have some beautiful animations ready to go, it’s time to start thinking about where you want them to fit into your promotional email. (Alternatively, you can start by designing your email template, then create email animations to fit your theme.) How you construct your template is ultimately up to you, but a good rule of thumb is to prioritize aesthetics and simplicity, while keeping your message short and sweet. Grab your audience’s attention with one or two eye-catching animated images, and a simple yet powerful headline. It’s totally fine to add some body text, but don’t overload your reader with excessive information; keep it light. Finally, add a call to action. This should be your proverbial “big red button” with a clear instruction such as, “Sign up today!”

Making Sure Your Email Animations Work

As soon as you’ve developed a clear vision of your perfect promotional email, half the battle will be behind you. But before you jump into executing your plan, you’ll need to know some of the ins and outs of how animated emails work.

To begin, the only embeddable file format for email animations is .GIF, which explains some of the “eyesores” we mentioned earlier. GIFs have a reputation for being choppy and low-res, and unfortunately, it’s simply not yet possible to embed other (often higher-quality) animation file types such as Lotties (.JSON) into emails. But not to worry! File converters like this one can make your Lotties embeddable without sacrificing quality – just make sure to select the highest resolution. Of course, the drawback to this is that larger files take longer to render and animate. So, in order to make sure your animations work correctly, you might need to spend some time tweaking and sending test emails to find the sweet spot between quality and size.

Putting it All Together

As you continue to grow your client base, using promotional email campaigns in your marketing strategy has the potential to take your email animation business to the next level. It’s a method that’s inexpensive, time-efficient, and provably effective. But however you approach it, spicing up your emails with marketing animations is one of the easiest ways to tease what you can do.

So get busy blocking out an email template, design some killer email animations, and get ready to make an excellent first impression!

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