Hanukkah: Celebrating Hanukkah Digitally


Hanukkah, the Jewish holiday of 8 days is in full swing.  And like many businesses that work to care and connect with their consumers, you may be looking for how to celebrate this holiday with your network. Look no further than Lottie animation files.  This new tech is the perfect way to sprinkle in some holiday spirit.

Why a Lottie File?

Well, Lotties are an exceptionally streamlined file type.  You get all the fun animation and none of the pesky load times.  That means you can add them on your website, your email campaigns, or even your social media posts and more reliably have them show up for your consumers.  We’re a quick moving generation and waiting for animations is last on our list of To-Do’s.

How to insert a Hanukkah animation

Well, your first job is to find one that really speaks to your business.  With the ever increasing amount of Lottie files out there, including some new ones released by Vidalgo this week, you’ll have plenty to choose from. Pick one that both celebrates the Hanukkah season festively and fits with the brand of your company.  If your company’s branding is simplistic, find one that’s simple and chic.  If your company is playful, there’s plenty that are more festive too.

When you find it, you simply move over and embed your file into where you want it to go.  Inserting a lottie file is as easy as inserting any other imagery.  A simple copy and paste of some code is all you’ll need.

Like the animation ? Click on it

What’s out there now in terms of Hanukkah animations?

Check out some of these designs to help you get inspired.  Remember to think, “How does this animation match my business’ branding” to help you make the best choice.

Like the animation ? Click on it

Here’s a classic menorah.  If your business is simple and professional, this could be a great choice.  This would look lovely on the bottom of a realtor investment firms email campaign- it screams professionalism and celebration.

Like the animation ? Click on it

This is a text-heavy animation.  And the great thing about animating text is that it fits seamlessly into the narrative you’re already trying to build.  Instead of finishing with an email send off about Hanukkah, you can let the animation do the heavy lifting for you.  The result? Your email campaign or other digital communication stays brief and readable.

Like the animation ? Click on it

Ready for a true celebration? This text and image heavy Hanukkah animation is perfect for those who really want to celebrate the season.  It’s colorful style and vivid animation is perfect for an organization that tends to be more playful and exciting.  It would be perfect for a kids clothing company or for a pet store. 

Happy Hanukkah in Animation

Hopefully this has inspired you to find some Hanukkah animations that speak to your business branding and connect with your customers. From those of us at Vidalgo, we want to heartily send our warmest holiday wishes to those celebrating the festival of lights this year. From our families to yours, Happy Hanukkah!

Like the animation ? Click on it

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