Earth’s Day.


Our earth is incredible, but it requires our support to flourish. This is why, on April 22, well over a billion people all over the world commemorate Earth’s Day to safeguard the world from pollution and destruction. We can make our planet a happier, healthier place to live. This can be achieved by doing things like clearing up rubbish and at the same time planting more trees.

You can have a wonderful time while also volunteering to safeguard the environment by motivating others as well as teaching them about how to do it. Check out and share our uniquely designed Earth Day Lottie animations at any time of year to help save the earth.

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History of Earth’s Day.

At a UNESCO Conference in San Francisco in 1969, the proposition of Earth’s Day was conceived. Secretary-General U Thant signed a sanctioned Proclamation at the United Nations on March 21, 1970. U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson launched the day a month later, on April 22, 1970. Even though National Earth Day is not a federal holiday, we recommend you learn more about it.

In 1990, the commemoration became a worldwide event, and it hasn’t ended since. Every year, Earth Day has become a global event, with over 1 billion individuals from 192 nations also participating in the world’s biggest civic-focused day of action.

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Earth Day’s Symbols.

A picture or sketch of planet Earth, a tree, a flower, leaves, or the recycling sign are among some of the symbols used by people to symbolize Earth Day. Natural colors like green, brown, and blue are popular on Earth’s Day. John McConnell designed the Earth Flag, which has been termed as the “flag for all humanity.” It’s made of recyclable, weather-resistant polyester and has a two-sided dye printed image of the Earth from orbit on a dark blue field.

When is Earth‘s day 2022?

Earth’s Day holds on April 22nd every year. However this year it falls on a Friday, allowing environmentalists to celebrate all weekend. The inauguration of the holiday will be commemorated for the 52nd time in 2022.

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Earth Day 2022 Theme.

Earth-Day Organization has made an announcement. “Invest In Our Planet” is the theme for Earth Day 2022. Acting aggressively, innovating widely, and implementing equally are the most important factors to take into consideration here.

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How to Celebrate the day.

Here are a few ideas for how to commemorate Earth’s Day in 2022:

  • Read Poetry: Teach your children poetry about Earth as a parent. They will understand the value of our mother planet as a result of this.
  • Spend time with your nature virtually: Spend some time with nature without leaving your house by taking a virtual tour of the forest and aquarium. This is possible on different platforms available online.
  • Save Energy: How we create energy has a significant effect on the environment. As a result, this Earth’s Day, take energy-saving measures to aid in the protection of the world.
  • Pledge to Reduce Plastic Use: Plastic has far too many adverse consequences. As a result, minimize your use of plastics to commemorate the day.
  • Volunteer for Earth Day Activities: Look up Earth Day activities in your neighborhood on the internet. You could participate in beach clean-ups, public awareness rallies, or other group activities. You can share our custom-made Lottie animations, which you can view or download in whatever format you like.

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