How to Sell Your NFTs

So you want to sell your NFTs!  That’s awesome.  Odds are you’ve already done your research on what an NFT is and you’ve decided to break into the field. There’s still a few steps between you and your new found metaverse millions.  Read on to figure out how you can successfully market and sell your […]

How to Use Lottie Animations on Your Website?

Animations make your website pop and enhance the user experience. With interactive animations present on your landing pages, checkout page, or product catalogues, you can increase conversions up to 7% by hiding the load time of your website. You might argue that animations add an extra load on the website, leading to longer lead times. […]

Different Animation File Formats: Why Lottie Is The Best One?

Animation is the art of turning images and drawings into moving objects. Traditionally animations included hand drawings. These drawings were then photographed, and run in a film to make them appear moving. Innovation and technology have also revolutionized the art of animations. Resultantly, most of the animations today involve CGI (Computer-Generated Imagery). What are animation […]

Animation trends for 2022

Welcome to the New Year!  If you’re looking to stay abreast of the ever-changing market of digital animations, you’ve come to the right place.  Digital animation is emerging as a true art form, and just like with any art form, there’s animation trends as we go from year to year.  Let’s dig into some shifts […]

What Are Disney’s 12 Principles Of Animation?

Disney holds the crown in the world of animation. Disney’s 12 principles of animation are the guiding principles that are not only followed by the Disney animators, but other animators worldwide have also used to put life into their animations since after 1930. In their book, “illusion of life”, Frank Thomson and Ollie Johnston introduced […]

How to Promote your Online Business with Vidalgo Animations?

To promote your online business, visual marketing needs to come in priority. Visual graphics can include a wide range of content and enables a clearer transfer of your message to the audience. It can help you attract the ideal customers or simply make your online business look overall more attractive. Eyes tend to process information […]