Best Lottie Players, Plugins and Tools

Lottie has revolutionized the world of animation. To give a very basic definition, Lottie is a file format specific for animations, much like GIF. Due to Lottie animations, users can now display high-quality animations without any problems, such as pixelation, large file size, or slow webpage loading speeds. A single Lottie file is many times […]

Infographics Trends and Animated Infographics in 2022

With the rise of social media usage, visual content is becoming more and more popular than mere texts. From informational videos to sending memes to your friends and family, visual content is what people love nowadays. A popular type of visual content is infographics- packed with information, made to be attractive to the audience. Want […]

7 Best Lottie Marketplaces To Help With Your Projects

The Internet has brought the world closer, and sharing information has become extremely easy in this day and age. Today, there are numerous methods that let you share information, from videos to text and infographics to images. One such method is the use of animations which gives lets you provide information in a highly expressive […]

An Overview of the Best Lottie SW Libraries–Part 1

Lottie is a fast-growing animation format, which is quickly traversing through the industry of every kind towards the big names. Companies like Fiverr, IHeartRadio, Google, and New York Times use Lottie animations in their apps and projects. Many platforms are emerging that sell and promote Lottie animations –Vidalgo being one of them, and several businesses […]

World Autism Awareness Day.

World Autism Awareness Day is a day set aside to celebrate those living with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a developmental disability marked by behavioral and communications issues that impair a person’s ability to handle social relationships. There is no greater way to commemorate this day than by learning more about Autism […]

Lottie vs GIF: Which Animation File Format to Go For?

GIFs have been around for quite some time. In fact, you can find them online everywhere due to the rapid rise in the popularity of memes. GIFs appear on social media platforms, blogs, and webpages to convey a message through a moving image, and mostly in a humorous way. However, being dated means that GIFs […]