Benefits of Animated Social Media Posts


Social media is the side of the Internet that enables the communities and users to interact and express their emotions, ideas, and content on virtual platforms. In recent decades, social media usage has increased manifold, adding to its importance. These days, social media not only allow people to interact but also serves as a platform for business communities to increase their reach and customer base.

Animated Social Media Posts: What are they?

These are the posts that use animation, which is a process through which objects drawn either by hand or by computers are made to move. Animated posts are not only attention-grabbing but are also a beneficial social media tool to increase one’s business and sales.

Things to Keep in Mind While Making Animated Social Media Posts

Keep the following points in mind while designing animated posts for social media:

Sticking to Branding

While making such posts, don’t forget to include branding in your content. Your brand’s logo or company’s name should be present in the animated social media posts to introduce yourself to the viewers. There’s no point doing such hard work if your animated posts are not showing or representing your brand’s identity in front of the audience.

Avoid Unnecessary Additions

The benefit of animated videos lies in the fact that they make things simple. So if you add a lot of unnecessary things or discuss multiple topics simultaneously, it will confuse and frustrate the viewers. Therefore, while designing an animated post or video for your social media, try to focus on one thing at one time and also remove all the unnecessary things from your content that may distract your viewer.

Be Unique and Creative

One of the significant reasons why people go for animated posts is to attract social media users. In this ever-increasing global market and competition, users demand something unique. Hence, your posts should be authentic, fun, and creative to grasp viewers’ attention and trust.

Right Time Duration

It is essential to choose the correct length for your animated post. Videos that are too long might lose the viewer’s attention, while too short videos might not convey the message properly. It is advisable to choose time duration according to your social media platform like short videos are better for TikTok while longer ones work well on Youtube. Moreover, the message you are trying to deliver in the animated video must be short and concise. Unnecessary additions might take too much time, leading the users to wander off to someone else’s post.

Colour Choice

Choosing the right colour for your posts is an important aspect often neglected by businesses. The colours and the colour palette used in your animated posts should resonate with your company’s image and brand. It should be consistent with the overall vibe of your company or brand. Try to choose a palette that goes along with your brand’s or social media profile’s theme.

Break Your Story

There is a lot of content on social media for user consumption which is ever increasing. With a rise in the interest of social media users in animated posts, the competition among them has also increased. In today’s world, where everyone is busy, it is better to break your animated social media story into smaller moments that are more attractive to the eye to help catch the interest and attention of viewers without taking much of their time.

Benefits of Animated Social Media Posts

There is no doubt that the benefits of animated social media posts are numerous. Let us discuss some of them in detail:

Grabs the Attention

In times where everyone is busy and most social media users have fewer attention spans, animated social media posts have been able to grasp viewers’ attention. GIFs and animated videos outperform text and other posts on every social media platform, increasing viewers’ attention and interaction. These posts are fun and engaging and catch viewers’ eye and attention as soon as they show up on social media users’ feeds.

Increase the Reach and Traffic

Animated social media posts are found to be more engaging as compared to non-animated ones. Increased engagement with social media content means that your content is going to get more likes and shares. Resultantly, it reaches more people on their timelines. Hence, animated posts will mean that you will get more traffic for your page and posts since your content will reach more people.

Better Communication

Animated social media posts allow better communication due to their better understanding and ability to connect with people at an emotional level. Such posts can strike the viewers deeply and have been found to get more engagements, comments, and likes. It makes the processing of the message given out in business videos easier. Thus it acts as a better source of communication with social media users.

Easy to Digest and Understand

Animated posts are relatively more digestible and easier to understand. So, animated social media makes the technical side of a profession or business open to a layman. It makes difficult concepts easier to explain. Social animated posts act as a barrier breaker between the masses and the complex technologies and information. The more people understand the basics and uses of any product or technology, the more people will buy that said product or technology.

Help Visualize Ideas

According to a study, 90% of the total information transmitted to our brain is through visuals. Visual information is also known to be processed 60,000 times faster than text. That’s why animated posts are memorable and get more reach and followers. Animated social media posts can help turn abstract ideas into visuals, thus boosting the audience’s imagination. Moreover, it can help visualize those emotions and messages that cannot be photographed. Resultantly, they can also help viewers visualize your brands’ message, aim, and products in a much better way.

Tell Stories and Hold Emotions

Animated posts often tell stories. Such posts can connect with people worldwide despite their differences at a deeper level since animations are free from any kind of racial, ethnic, and colour biases. Hence, animated social media posts can help connect with viewers and develop a relationship of love, care and trust.

Click on the animation for more options

Search engines have been found to love animated content since they recommend those pages more that have animated posts than pages that lack such content. Moreover, if your social media content is some animated video, it will get better boosted for search rankings than simple pictures and texts.

An impression that Lasts Long

Animated social media posts not only grasp viewers’ attention but also leave a long-lasting impression. A good animated post not only grasps viewers’ attention but also steals their hearts, making it a memorable one for a long time. A strong first impression leads to a positive and lasting image of the creator as well, thus developing trust and customers.

 Are Informative

Animated social media is usually designed and created to deliver some kind of information. It can be any message, infographic, or informative regarding some technology or product. Hence, most animated posts are informative, inspiring, and educative.

Are Cost-Efficient

Animated posts are profitable due to the low cost required to make them and the high engagement and reach that they give. They do not require any real-life objects, good scenery, actors, or any kind of camera. Moreover, it doesn’t require any kind of retakes. The animation software that is available is cheaper and more affordable as compared to a good-quality video camera. All these points make animated posts for social media an affordable choice that saves both time and money. This allows the content creator to create more and better content with fewer resources and time.

Are Easily Modifiable

Animated social media posts are easy to modify and are flexible to changes. Humans make errors. If you have a change of mind and want to make some slight changes in your content, it is easier to make changes with the animated content than a non-animated one. 

Animated Social Media Posts: Conclusion

Animated posts for social media are the latest trend in the market and are continuously proving to be a successful strategy to grab more followers and sales. It is cost-efficient as it delivers maximum results with lesser cost. Still, for an animated social media post to be successful, it is necessary to put hard work, research, and creativity into it.

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