Christmas: Tis the Season for Animations with Vidalgo


Jingle bells, jingle bells! It’s Christmas time and we’re all celebrating the holiday in style.  If you are tasked with the social media or digital content for your business, it can be overwhelming coming up with new and innovative imagery for the holiday.  Enter: the power of animations with Vidalgo. 

Now, more than ever, digital animation is the way to share joy with your audience.  Digital animation strikes the perfect balance between the mediocrity of an aesthetic image and the high load times of video content.  And the secret to it all? Lotties.

But- what’s a Lottie animations with Vidalgo?

Lotties are the perfect solution to some of your digital animation needs. Lotties are an exceptionally streamlined file type.  You get all the fun animation and none of the pesky load times.  That means you can add them on your website, your email campaigns, or even your social media posts and more reliably have them show up for your consumers. 

We’re a quick moving generation and waiting for animations is last on our list of To-Do’s.

A whole animations with Vidalgo Christmas spirit!

Now when you search, you’ll find a lot of Christmas animations out there.  Don’t let the overwhelming quantity get to you.  With a bit of strategy, you’ll be able to find one that is right for the job.

First, consider your business and how it interacts with the holiday.  While it’s important that you share some real holiday spirit, it’s also important that you stay on brand.  If you’re a fun loving people-forward organization, get silly and find something colorful and joyful. 

If you’re more of a luxury brand, it may be more appropriate for you to find something classy and timeless, perhaps in shades of gold. Sure celebrating the season is great, but if it isn’t also on brand you could just be sending a confusing message to your customers.  

For your customers to really feel like the gift of animations with Vidalgo is coming from you, it needs to line up with the rest of your business.

When you finally find the animations with vidalgo you’re looking for, simply share or export, copy and paste the animation into your designated space- be it a blog, social media, or an email campaign. Inserting a lottie file is as easy as inserting any other imagery.  A simple copy and paste of some code is all you’ll need.

Options for all 12 Day of Christmas- and more!

We compiled some of our favorite Lotties out there for you to get started.  Instead of just blindly selecting one of these, take the time to look around.  There is truly a lot out there to choose from and the most intentional choice is normally the one that will perform the best for your brand.

Click on the animation to share

This basic animations with Vidalgo of a Christmas present opening is a nice basic addition for whatever content you have.  It’s simplistic style makes it very well suited for a variety of applications. 

Sometimes the safest strategy is the most minimal, and this one certainly does Christmas animation tastefully.  Whether it’s this gift image, or another, presents are also great imagery if you’re having a Christmas sale or trying to sell your product as a gift giving idea.

Click on the animation to share

This classy wreath with it’s slowly timed animation is a great addition for your luxury brand.  It’s professional style says “Holidays” without being too juvenile.  This is a great option for a realtor, any BTB application, or for a premium product brand. Sometimes less really is more.

Click on the animation to share

This playful Christmas animations with Vidalgo highlights the action inside a snow globe.  If you cater towards kids or simply kids at heart, this can be a great option.  A brightly colored animation with a variety of holiday imagery can show a lot about the Christmas season. 

This can be great if it’s paired with a holiday-centric email to offer best wishes.  Unless you’re going for that child-friendly look, tread carefully and make sure not to overload your viewer with too many detailed Christmas animations.

Merry Christmas to All!

We hope that these suggestions and ideas to integrate in Christmas animations with Vidalgo helped you find some of your own Christmas and new year magic. From those of us at Vidalgo, we want to heartily send our warmest holiday wishes to you and yours. From our families to yours, Merry Christmas!

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