Animation trends for 2022


Welcome to the New Year!  If you’re looking to stay abreast of the ever-changing market of digital animations, you’ve come to the right place.  Digital animation is emerging as a true art form, and just like with any art form, there’s animation trends as we go from year to year.  Let’s dig into some shifts we’re seeing in the art around us. With software like Vidalgo at your fingertips, you’ll be able to try out all of these new trends soon. Staying abreast of animation trends is a great way to stay plugged into your craft as a digital artist.

Kinetic Typography over Image-Heavy

When digital animations first came to fame, imagery was everything.  Part of new technology is simply stretching it’s capabilities.  And the more cool software there was to create digital animations, the more people used that software to the max of their abilities. This led to a lot of animations that could frankly have become entire YouTube short films.

The animation trends for 2022?  Kinetic typography.  Simply put, kinetic typography is an artistically moving typeface.  It’s a great way to say something and be seen.  The simplicity of kinetic typography means that more people are engaged with the text and less distracted by the noise around it.  Allowing your words to do the heavy lifting puts more trust in the viewer to absorb information without the overstimulated overkill of imagery.  Let’s check out a couple examples to get you inspired:

This example uses the word “Next”.  You may think that because kinetic typography is moving text it may show less artistry, but that’s simply not the case.  Note how the letters shift down over time.  Both the words say “Next” and yet they also move as you’d think “Next” would move on the screen.  This is a quintessential feature to powerful kinetic typography.  When your animation isn’t just a simple PowerPoint effect, but rather enhances the meaning of the language itself- that’s a win! Here’s another:

Because most digital animation loops, strategically using that loop to enhance the meaning of your kinetic typography is a win.  In this example, we see the words “Practice Everyday” pulsing up and down.  While it isn’t necessarily taking any breaths away on the first loop, by loop 3 or 4 we start to see how that pulsing truly enhances the meaning of “Practice Everyday”.  The look illustrates consistency over time by using the loop as part of the artistry of the animation itself. The undulating back and forth feels nearly like a heartbeat over time.

Simplicity over Fuss

When looking at animation trends, think “less is more”. While kinetic typography is one way of keeping things simple, the truth is imagery is taking a similar more simplistic move as well.  Again, the image heavy animations are moving to be trends of the past.  As more digital animations are being used within email marketing campaigns, websites, and to illustrate more complex subjects, we see that the most functional pieces tend to be the simplest. Let’s look at some examples of simple that sing:

These three dots bouncing up and down don’t seem like much on their own.  However, their simplicity is part of their success.  They can expertly be used in digital media to illustrate 3 main concepts or ideas.  By providing a simple visual, end users can enhance the meaning of their text without redirecting their viewer to longer form videos.  For digital marketers, this means keeping eyes on the screen and dually engaged in both the animation and the text.  Simple can be a functional shift to the world of digital animation trends.  But not always, let’s look at another:

Now while this simple animation may not help to enhance written content, it’s mesmerizing to look at- and that’s something in and of itself!  Less is more in the high energy world of digital animation sometimes.  Here, we’re struck by the beauty of these colors interchanging.  Our often over-stimulated brains are immersed in a simple act of just appreciating colors for a minute.  Consider this level of simplicity the ASMR of digital animation. 


Even if you haven’t gotten swept up in Decentraland yet, the metaverse aesthetic is big everywhere. That’s why that metaverse-ready look is one of our key animation trends of 2022.  It’s the perfect balance between “real” and “not real” that creates a mind-bending experience of reality.  In digital animation, look for both hyper realistic elements to be interchanged with more traditional animation styles.  You’ll see many of these animation trends become popular as NFTs as well.  Just take a look around any NFT marketplace and you’ll see how artists are challenging the idea of “reality” through their animations.  Some examples:

This realistic moon phase Lottie does a great job of balancing realism and digital art.  The moon itself is done in a hyper realistic style, and of course the phases are presented in a manner that only is possible in digital animation.  No realistic moon would be shifting this quickly.  By pairing the two, the artist is creating something that truly showcases the dual reality possible from digital art. In a way, this forces the viewer to question their own reality, much the way the metaverse does as well.

Here’s another of a fairly normal household item but being portrayed in an interesting way digitally.  We see the plant growing at a rapid pace, but the colors remain realistic.  While the plant’s life cycle is anything but accurate, the muted browns and greens of the leaves are comparable to any houseplant we have in our own physical space.  By balancing these two elements we get that reality bending effect frequent in the metaverse.  If after you look at digital animation you have the inclination to go, “Could that be real?” odds are they’re certainly on trend.

Digital Artists Just Get It

So there you have it!  Some animation trends for 2022. As Lottie files and different software like Vidalgo expand, expect to see more artists turn towards their craft in digital animation.  If the booming world of NFTs has shown us anything, it’s that artists are always the first to pivot to new technology and trends.  And they do it all while remaining true to their vision and personal aesthetic.  If you’re looking at expanding your portfolio this year, take some of these digital animation trends with you as you go.  See you in 2023!

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