Animated infographics Essentials: Marketplace, Types, Examples


Animated infographics help make data look more engaging, entertaining even.

Infographics are not art, but they allow for a smoother visualisation of information across a wide variety of platforms.

For brands, video content is the secret sauce to boosting content from zero to hero. However, video-making might not fall into the budget limits of every brand. This is where animated infographics come into play.

They can be just as powerful as videos in conveying information. However, for a smaller budget, you get your message out there. And you do it in an entertaining and pleasing way.

So, there’s a market here. Every brand manager would love to access customisable animated infographic templates and designs to make their job easier. And Vidalgo is the meeting point. But more on that later. For now, let’s look at what exactly are animated infographics. More than that, you’ll see why you should pursue this niche as a designer and artist. Well, maybe it’s not exactly a niche. However, you can think of it as a great feature you can offer, as a designer.

What Are Animated Infographics?

Ok, so what’s an animated infographic?

Animated infographics can break down complex information into manageable chunks that do not require too much effort on the viewer’s side. So, easy-to-digest and entertaining communication is the Holy Grail of every marketing strategy. A 2D animated infographic can bring brands closer to that.

Animated infographics combine text and graphic elements to summarise information. What is more, animated infographics can also be used for complex data visualisation, replacing the old, decrepit PowerPoint.

There’s a Market for Animated Infographics

So, first, our brains react to visual cues better than they react to the text. Research has shown that website audiences spend 10% more time looking at visuals than reading the text.  Therefore, you need to make the information as visual as possible.

Secondly, there is no universal animated infographic maker that a brand manager can use for everything. So, there’s your market!

Therefore, let’s see why marketers are interested in animated infographics.

  • Animated infographics are both easy to digest and entertaining. They can be funny, quirky, eye-popping. The sky and imagination are the limit.
  • Animated infographics are shareable. Make them intriguing enough, and they can become viral. Furthermore, we’ll share some really cool animated infographic examples down below.
  • They can become a true link building powerhouse. If your infographic gets backlinks and shares, search engines will love it. So, that’s an on-point content marketing strategy.
  • Animated infographics can increase brand awareness. Every animated infographic template should have a customisable area. That’s where the brand manager can add their logo, website, or company information. So, the company’s visual identity will always be there.
  • They can add some zest and spice to blog posts as part of an intelligent content strategy. Moreover, you can go as far as turning mini-blogs into animated infographics. That’s super cool.
  • Animated infographics make it easier to explain complex issues. So, those awkward, long Facebook/Instagram posts could get a lot better with an animated infographic.

Five Main Types of Animated Infographics

So, there are countless possibilities on your table. You have from a simple animated infographic template to more complex infographic animations in after effects.

As a graphic designer, there are two ways you can go. On the one hand, you can focus on creating highly-customisable infographic templates. On the other hand, you could go for more personalised designs for different niches – business, education, technology, sports etc.

There are various infographic motion graphics templates that you can create or tweak.

However, if you’re in a little bit of an inspirational pickle, here are some animated infographic types to consider.

1. Business Animated Infographics

Probably the most relevant style is the animated business infographic. Business or finance is quite a heavy topic, even for the initiated. So, using animated infographics, you can break down concepts into manageable chunks. You can even make the whole thing more enjoyable.

2. How-to infographics

These are general animated infographics that can showcase a specific process. They can present a set of instructions in an enjoyable way. Therefore, viewers can easily follow a step-by-step infographic and find their way around a product or service.

So, if the process seems too complicated or not described right, they might not even bother. This is why animated infographics are really important.

3. Comparison Infographics

The comparing and contrasting infographics are a great visual idea for highlighting similarities or differences between two products or services. Moreover, you can even use them to describe a payment plan for a service.

4. Timeline Animated Infographics

These are great for telling a story. It could be the story about you, your business, your brand, a product, etc. It could also be about turning some complex data into a story so that viewers can remember it better.

Timeline animated infographics help consolidate key dates or milestones in the viewers’ minds. Therefore, you chronologically order information with bold colours and animations, to persuade the audience to listen.

5. Kinetic Typography

Kinetic typography involves enjoyable and entertaining text movements that catch the viewer’s attention.

You can use kinetic typography in an animated infographic to present abstract terms. Therefore, the fluidity of the text and animations can keep the audience glued to your content.

5 Cool Animated Infographics Examples

So, here we’ll cheat a bit and share some unique interactive infographics. In interactive infographics, users can interact and engage with the information and design. In essence, your audience can uncover more information by clicking, scrolling, tapping, zooming, or hovering over the infographic.

These examples are just some cool models that we’ve found on the Internet. We’re sure you can do so much better.

1. Family Fun, created by the Marriott Hotel in Scottsdale, Arizona

Maybe the Retro style is not everyone’s cup of tea, but the execution is nice. Moreover, the interactive infographic is very intuitive and easy to use. Therefore, it represents a fun way of presenting all the cool things you can do or eat at their hotel.

animated infographics examples

2. Animated InfographicGender Identity” by YouTube user Calvin Logan

So, it’s simple, short, cute, with a powerful message. Moreover, it relies heavily on voice-over, so no text animations or bold colours were necessary.

Voice-overs might be a good idea, but also a terrible choice. It depends on your audience. Some audiences react better when they also have some form of text on the screen. You’ve got to know your audience.

3. The Lunar Cycle and Sleep by the University of Washington

This is a great example of an interactive and informative animated infographic. It does get you hooked. Moreover, you can really interact with the various phases of the moon. Furthermore, you learn from that interaction. Nice one!

lunar cycle interactive infographic

4. “Little things of the Internet” Animated Infographic by YouTube user Yii

So, great use of kinetic typography, data, animations and motion graphics. It is probably a bit long, but there are a couple of techniques and ideas you can steal from here. *wink *wink

5. “Kids Obesity” Animated Infographic by YouTube user Rajkumar A

This is an informative animated infographic with engaging but straightforward motion graphics that advocates for a healthier lifestyle. It’s quite on-point.

So, that’s all, folks! For now. Get those imagination juices flowing, and start creating your own infographics. The marketplace is here already! Are you?

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